The POWER of Instagram Stories for Your Business

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As the days and weeks fly by here in 2018, I am becoming more and more obsessed with Instagram and Instagram Stories.

While my first love will always be Facebook…Instagram (insert heavenly sound here) is just downright FUN to be on! Have you checked out Instagram Stories? I absolutely LOVE stories and I love to check out other people’s stories.

So what are Instagram Stories?

In Melissa terms, they are the “behind the scenes” of my life as a work at home mom boss, getting things done while chasing kids, cooking and driving the mom taxi! It is real and raw, and only available for 24 hours and I love that. Your Instagram wall is where you put your best foot forward, where you work to create the perfect grid of colors and theme, or express your mess…your choice! But Instagram Stories is where people get to see the real you, the nitty gritty and the stuff they love to see.

Why Instagram Stories?

I love when I see people use their stories to share events in real time as they are happening, verses a static post on their Instagram grid. The stories only last 24 hours but they can showcase your awesome personality and show your fun side. You also have the ability to add filters, stickers, text and emojis and you all know how much I love emojis!

But Melissa, How do I Access Instagram Stories?

Log in to your Instagram account and click on the little house button in the lower left hand corner. Once you are on your main home page, you will see a line of circles across the top of the app, those, my friend, are Instagram Stories from people you follow! Get ready to have your socks knocked off. You will learn far more about people you follow from their Instagram Stories than you ever will from their pretty grid on their wall.

How do I Post My Own Instagram Story?

On that top line of circles, you will see your circle to the far left. Click and hold the circle with your finger and Add to Your Story will pop up and then from there you can decide what you want to do.
Type – Allows you to choose a background and just type something
LIVE – Allows you to start a live video, BUT this will completely disappear once the video is over (use sparingly)
Normal – Allows you to take a regular photo like normal
Boomerang – Allows you to take mini videos that loop forwards and backwards, super fun!
Focus – Allows you to keep a person in focus and blurs the background to make them stand out
SuperZoom – Allows you to zoom in on a person or thing slowly or quickly (3-15 seconds) getting really, really close (humorous)
Rewind – Allows you to make videos play in reverse (my kids love this when they are jumping off things)
Hands-Free – Allows you to start recording a video with a tap verses the hold the button mode
Stop-Motion – Allows you to take a series of screen pics and stitch them all together


So who is on Instagram?


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Melissa Fietsam @Directly Social

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Should I Add Consultants to My Customer Group?

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So the topic for today’s blog post – “Should I add my downline and other Consultants to my VIP Customer Group?”

I will be honest, this is a question that will get you a lot of different opinions when asked in a group of leaders, but I am going to share my thoughts and then why I think that way.

If you follow me on Social Media, you know that I was in Las Vegas last weekend with CinchShare’s W.I.L.D Retreat (Women in Leadership Development). It was a training weekend for Leaders and CinchShare knocked it out of the park. They invited amazing speakers  to present, including yours truly! I loved the workshop style of the event and the time allotted to put the learnings into practice.

The event was so eye-opening for me as I saw the needs of leaders and heard the areas they were struggling in. It really helped me to get even more clarity on what leaders in the field need and how I could help them. Over the next few months, I plan to take one blog post a month to really dive deep into some of those struggles that Leaders have.  If you have something you would like to see me address here in the blog, please let me know in the comments below and I will do my best to make it happen.

But back to our topic… – “Should I add my downline and other Consultants to my VIP Customer Group?”

I personally do not think you should add your downline, upline or other Consultants to your VIP Customer Group. The purpose of the group is to have a place of communication for your customers and potential customers. I want you to dig deep and really think about WHY you have added those Consultants to your group.

For some leaders, they say it is to “share” what you are doing with those Consultants so they can go do the same thing in their customer group, right? Well, in my eyes, I see that as enabling my Consultants, not equipping or empowering them. One of the most important things I believe I need to teach my Consultants is to take control of their business and work it as a business from day one. I am all about giving them tools to use to learn the ropes of the business, but I am careful not to be the mama bird going out and getting their food, bringing it back to the nest and literally feeding it to them. If you are always feeding them (literally from your mouth to theirs), they will never leave the nest, and why would they ever want to?

I do not want to create a nest of birds on my team that are dependent on me to give them everything or they can’t function; I want to mentor them and teach them to build their own business. To leave the nest and have their businesses take flight. My job as a leader is to equip, empower and grow my Consultants. And then mentor them to do the same with their Consultants. My Consultants do not lack the flow of information, encouragement or communication. I still give them everything they need and then some, but they are not members of my Customer Group, they don’t need to be.

Teach them to fly…

I keep my Customer Group closed to any of my downline Consultants. It is truly just me and my customers inside my group. I want to converse and build authentic relationships with those customers, just me and them.  But I do SHARE what I am doing in my Customer Group with my team often.

I take screenshots of conversations or posts and upload them to my team group to give them ideas of what I am going, and what is working for me. By sharing a screenshot, they can take the idea and make it their own, without copying and pasting my exact verbiage or images. I use the screenshots to inspire them and get them thinking about what would work in their Customer Group. I also post just about everything I do in my customer group ON our team page. So they can go do it themselves. Therefore, there’s no real need for them to be in my group.

I also try to keep my Customer Group closed to other Consultants and Leaders outside of my team. While I do not feel competitive with other Consultants and Leaders, this is a business and I am working hard to build something BIG for my family.  I am ready to sell to, book, and recruit anyone that wants to do business with me. Adding outsiders to my customer group just creates a tangled web that I do not think is healthy for my business.

If you do have downline consultants in your group (or other Consultants/Leaders) that is entirely your choice. But I will ask that you stop for a minute and really think about WHY you have them in there. What is the intended purpose? Is it working? Is it what is best for your Consultants? Is it helping them to stand up and OWN their business as a business? How are you equipping and empowering them by allowing them to be group members? If you answered positively to all of those, that is awesome and you should continue what you are doing. If you can’t answer positively to all of those, it might be time to consider a change.

Some people say they having other consultants in their group because they “like” and comment on posts and that helps boost views. So what you’re saying, is you don’t want an accurate account of what’s working and not working in your customer group. Because you will never know. And don’t even get me started on the fact that people take your posts and reuse them over and over. And that’s how we end up in Facebook jail, right?

Remember, your job as a leader is to equip, empower, and encourage your Consultants to grow a strong and sustainable business and to mentor them to success in that business. How is that going for you?!

Just some random thoughts from Melissa on your track to leadership!

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Melissa Fietsam @DirectlySocial





5 Non-Business Apps I Can’t Live Without

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I love finding new apps to make my life easier/better, don’t you?

One of my favorite things is to log into the app store and see all of my current apps that have new updates. Updates make me giddy because it means they’re constantly making my favorite apps even better!

This week I wanted to share some of my favorite non-business apps with you because they are absolutely amazing. We are mamas, cooks, chauffeurs, photographers, entertainers and so much more. I just wanted to take a minute this week and celebrate you as YOU, not just you as the business woman. No worries, in future weeks I will be sharing my favorite apps that fall into different business building categories like organization, time saving, photo content, and more! But for this week…I wanted to share apps that I use in my personal life that make me happy!

Life360 – (Free)

This app is fantastic if you have young drivers. You open the master account and then you give your family the code to log in and connect to your master account. From the Life360 app I am able to see where everyone is in my family, almost down to street view. For my young drivers, I can see where they have driven today and what their maximum speed was. I can see when they arrive at school and when they leave to drive home. I can see who is where, including my husband, in case I need him to pick something or someone up for me. I will warn you, this does backfire on you when you are in the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru and everyone starts texting to bring them home something too. Check this one out – it was referred by a policeman.

Kroger – (Free)

This is my local grocery store, but I love this app because every Friday they have Freebie Friday coupons to get a certain item completely free if you download the coupon onto the app. Here’s the thing, I WANT to be a couponer, I want to save money, but I don’t want to sit and clip coupons, work on matching scenarios, and I really don’t want to do math. It makes my brain hurt.

I want to grab what I need and get that discount! The reason I like the Kroger app is because I can quickly scroll through the digital coupons, “clip” them in the app and then just type in my phone number in the checkout line and all of those digital coupons apply to my order. No scissors, no math, no headache. I am sure your local grocery store has something similar. I use the Dollar General app sometimes too. Check to see if your grocery store has one!

Groupon – (Free)

Some days mama just needs a break. I love my Groupon app for those last minute “adventures” with the kids, even the big kids! I grab the Groupons at the last minute so I don’t forget that I have them. I have had a few expire when I didn’t pay attention to the expiration date, so now I don’t buy them early unless it is a big event (like Pentatonix ticket for $20! #Score). We have done glow in the dark mini-golf, Great Wolfe Lodge water park, tours, etc. And then I have also been known to grab a massage or pedicure for myself here and there. Using the app makes it super fast to check what’s available while waiting to pick up the kiddos at practice or something.

GrooveBook – (FREE app, $2.99 a month photo book)

I am the queen of taking pictures and never printing them. Sometimes I upload them to social media, but for the most part, they would just sit on my camera roll on my phone. GrooveBook to the rescue! Each month I can upload 100 photos through the GrooveBook app and it ships me a photo book of actual prints of my images. The photo book is bound with perforated prints that you can easily tear out of the book for Grandma or to hang on the fridge. What I love about GrooveBook is how fast and easy it is to use and they send me reminders to fill my book each month so I never miss out.


Dunkin Donuts – (FREE)

I bet you aren’t too surprised that I would list this app. I’m not gonna lie, I love Dunkin Donuts and I use the app almost every single day! The more you use the app, the more free stuff you get! You can have your app pre-loaded with funds each week by linking your credit card if you want. I have mine load funds each Monday to keep me from overspending at my favorite drive-thru. But what I LOVE about this app is that Dunkin Donuts is an official sponsor of our local hockey team (Cincinnati Cyclones) and also the Cincinnati Bengals NFL football team, which means when they have a win…Dunkin Donuts adds a one day voucher to your app for a free iced coffee, good for the next day! Whaaaat??? #ShutTheFrontDoor…Free iced coffee and I didn’t even go to the game? That is awesome! And I always get a paper receipt because they have a free donut on the bottom if you give them a customer service review. Free donuts and free iced coffee? Best.App.Ever!

Kohl’s App-here’s a freebie, feelin’ frisky!

Okay…seriously. Everybody loves Kohl’s. But ONLY if you have a 30% off coupon, right? Like…I don’t shop without one (and I know you don’t either!). So what happens…every. single. time. YOU FORGET THE COUPON! Well…fear not my thrifty friends. Download the Kohl’s app and all your coupons are loaded into your account. And guess what? So is your KOHL’S CASH that you always forget to spend! That’s almost criminal by the way…

So don’t forget that one. I always have like 3 coupons to add right from my phone at the checkout. Kohl’s loves me and my non-full price paying self;)


What are your favorite personal/non-business apps that you use regularly?
I would love to find some new ones to fall in love with!

Melissa Fietsam



YouTube Training with Directly Social

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Your YouTube training is finally here!

Have you heard of that little thing called YouTube that everyone’s been chirping about? Yeah…the #2 social media platform in the world…that one!

Don’t worry, I got you! This training will teach you everything you need to know about YouTube to help you get started and EXCEL in marketing your business in a whole new way.

  • How to set up your channel
  • How to add links and channel art
  • What videos you need to make
  • How to optimize each video for search engine growth
  • What tools you can use to make better quality videos
  • Along with tons of other tips and tricks to get started or simply ROCK your YouTube channel!

You will get a 45 minute video training with step by step instructions where I walk you through screen share, so you can see every step of the way. YouTube took me to the number one spot in my company and I want to teach you how and why you need it!





Melissa Fietsam @DirectlySocial


My Top 5 Marketing Books

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They say that leaders are readers and I believe that to be 100% true.

I learn so much from reading books (or listening to them), they spark ideas and thoughts in my head that would never happen otherwise. I believe good business books breathe life into me when I am feeling tired, stale or just plain burned out!

I wanted to take a minute and just share with you some of my favorite marketing books! We will share in categories.

So next up is leadership and inspiration! But let’s talk marketing favorites first!

The Purple Cow by Seth Godin

This is my bible of marketing. I have learned so much from this book when it comes to being a “remarkable marketer”. The book is written to more corporate marketers, but I will tell you , I am able to glean so much great info from its pages. For many, many years this was my primary go-to marketing book. I love that it is a small book that fits right into my purse and it is all about how to really stand out and be that purple cow! My favorite quote from this book:

“In your career, even more than for a brand, being safe is risky. The path to lifetime job security is to be remarkable.” 

Be Our Guest by Lee Cockerell

If you know me, you already know I am a HUGE Lee Cockerell fan! I devour everything he writes! In this book, he dives deep into the art of customer service. At the end of the day, Customer Service IS marketing and can help you or hurt you. This book is all about the importance of details, the small things, that bring positive experiences to your customers and keep them coming back! Here’s my favorite quote from this book:

 “You don’t build it for yourself. You know what people want, and you build it for them.” – Walt Disney.

 Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World  by Gary Vaynerchuk

What can I say about this one other than this guy knows his stuff! Want to learn how to stand out online? Want to learn what took my business to the next level? This is the book, period! My favorite quote from this bad boy:

“It took thirty-eight years before 50 million people gained access to radios. It took television thirteen years to earn an audience that size. It took Instagram a year and a half.” 

 Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional by Eric Worre

This book is simple concepts for marketing. It’s also a great book for anyone who comes to you and asks about digging in with their business, hand them this book first. It’s very clear that success comes from hard work, period. And sometimes we just need to say that out loud. He gives you proven steps to take to market your business and will inspire you to jump right in! Favorite quote from this book:

“The greatest benefit isn’t getting what you want. The greatest benefit is what you’ll need to become in order to get what you want.” 

Take the Stairs: 7 Steps to Achieving True Success by Rory Vaden

This book…phenomenal! A must read for anyone in small business. I was so inspired by this book years ago that we did an entire retreat around it. He will teach you why good old fashioned hard work may seem like hard work in the beginning, but it’s actually saving you hard work in the end. By getting to the grind, you’re creating a much easier path to your future goals. You’ll be ready to dive into your business full throttle with NO EXCUSES! So I kind of snuck it in on the marketing side. But you can’t market if you’re not willing to work for it…that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!My favorite quote:

“It’s okay to be scared—do it scared. It’s okay to be unsure—do it unsure. It’s okay to be uncomfortable—do it uncomfortable. Just get started where you are. That is the attitude of the most disciplined and successful people on the planet.”

Melissa Fietsam



top 5marketing books

#1 Recruiting System for Direct Sales Consultants

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We have a brand new training available!

Want to get your new consultants on a fast track to success?

Do you want a tool to use during your recruiting conversations?

How about a system that gets them to sell $1000 in their first few months as a consultant?

This system has made a huge difference in my recruiting efforts AND my retention of those new consultants.

Some of us need a tool to give us the confidence to share the opportunity, this gives you that tool. 

And others are really good at recruiting…but are having a hard time keeping those new consultants and getting them active. Guess what? This will knock your socks off!

  • You’re going to get an entire system for before and after sponsoring someone.
  • You’re going to get a tracker to print and keep tabs on those new consultants and their new program.
  • A video training on how to rock this new system and set up your own.
  • You’re going to get templates to create your own flyer to include all this new information in a message and their packets!
  • …and so much more!





I opened this training to a select group of consultants from different companies and here’s what they had to say:

Clear and easy system that is customizable for all companies and budgets! I am already seeing success from it! I opened it up to my small team to get them excited again. One who hasn’t placed an order in 2 months earned levels 1 and 2 already. Showed it to a recruit I was “courting” and she signed after I showed this “extra” incentive to her! I asked her what finally made her decide and she said it was this. She wasn’t sure she could earn the company incentive, but this was doable to her!

Jenn Penn~Personally Poetic

I finally have a system that saves me time, focuses on the success of my new team members, was easy to implement, holds me accountable to my team and has changed my business! Thanks Melissa Fietsam!

Kyla Duguay~Thirty-One Gifts

I just love the step by step instructions. It allows my entire team to participate, contribute and excel. It gives them a guideline as to what they need to become a contributing team member. It also showed me what I need to present to my team without overwhelming my slow starters or hobbyists. It has me thinking about some recent consultants too.  I think it will give them a way back in without feeling judged. I’m offering and giving them a good excuse to stop making excuses. This put me on track and gave me focus.

Connie Maras~Clever Container

Awesome info!! Love the step by step of how to have a recruiting mindset. Where to start and how to keep it 💗and the way to present the extra incentives, breaking it down to see it as doable.

Teresa Simmons~Thirty-One Gifts

How to Create an Animoto Video for your Business

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Animoto is my favorite new video site.

create amazing videos.png

Check out how easy it is to create a beautiful video for your Direct Sales business. When you’re done drooling…you can catch some IDEAS on what videos to make below!

Wasn’t that EASY?!

So what kind of videos can you do to promote your business and where can you post them?

Video Types:

One product that is used in many different ways:

Let’s say you have a catch all bin; show all the different ways you can use that one product


Take a group of products and show how they all work together. For example; home organization, products for on the go, solution sets, thermal line, gift giving ideas, men’s products…the list goes on and on.

Enrollment Information:

Take all that boring enrollment information and make a FUN video!

Customer Specials:

Here’s a new way to share the customer special for the month. Do one for all the uses for the customer special, and one showing off the patterns/products available in the customer special.

The point is….HAVE FUN and your customers will too. Say goodbye to the boring normalcy you’re used to and kick it up a notch! Your customers will thank you!

Now where do you SHARE the videos?


  • Facebook business page
  • Customer Group
  • Pinterest
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Parties

Go get to work!


Melissa Fietsam at Directly Social

10 Ideas to Rock Your APRIL Direct Sales Business

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Hey friends!

Happy Spring!! Do you have spring fever?? I definitely do!

29342845_10156456562475809_7919664362313220096_o (1)

April is such a beautiful month! It makes me think of rain washing away the winter yuckies, new beginnings, the weather getting warmer here in Ohio, umbrellas, rain boots and Spring Break! If you walk around the Dollar Tree (my fave store), you see lots of bright colors, flowers, kites, seeds,etc – things that make you want to crawl out of your winter cave and do something! Are you ready to do something?

You have to look for ways to set yourself apart from the masses and stand out. Here are some fun April Marketing Ideas to get you excited about Spring too! Easter is April 1st, so that throws a little wrench into Spring marketing, but no worries, we got this!

#1 April Fools Day (4/1)
In social media, what makes people laugh makes people share! Using your business, how can you trick your followers into a giggle or two. If you sell kitchen products, maybe you share an awesome free recipe that goes all wonky at the end. People like to do business with people they like! Show off your fun and silly side!

 #2 – Easter (4/1)
Easter is the perfect time to share a little of the “behind the scenes” of your life in your customer group on Facebook, something more personal, not just business. Why not share a pic of your kiddos egg hunting, family dinner or family photo in your pretty Easter clothes at church. Let people see the other side of you, the personal size, which is great for creating engagement and building relationships. Ask people to show their favorite Easter Egg Hunt photo of the day, later on in the evening!

#3 Change your FB Customer Group cover photo to something more “April-y” themed
This is an easy way to update your group and get a post into your group member’s news feeds. Make sure you are using that prime real estate of the cover photo space as best you can. Make sure you are not always just featuring product, be sure to include your smiling face sometimes!

 #4 Update your Facebook Business Page cover photo to something more Spring-like
Make sure you are updating your Facebook Business Page with the season, you definitely don’t want a cover photo featuring Christmas items up when it is April. But I cannot tell you how many times I see this on some of your business pages. Your cover photo is like your storefront window for your business, make sure it is attractive and in-tune with the season.

 #5 Bunny Bucks
Remember Cupid Cash from February? How about some Bunny Bucks for April? Your customers “earn” $1 in Bunny Bucks for every $10 they spend with you in April. The Bunny Bucks is only redeemable with you and only redeemable in April, so it gets you sales this month and potentially next month too. If you want to move some cash and carry products, you could easily change the coupon to where they can only redeem the Bunny Bucks toward something you have cash and carry and then payout the difference. For example, if they have $10 in Bunny Bucks and the item is $31, they give you the $10 in Bunny Bucks and pay the $21 difference. That’s a sale for April AND a sale for May!

Don’t forget to join Directly Social on Facebook:


#5 Spring Cleaning Sale
April is the perfect time to do a “spring cleaning” sale with your business and all of you excess products. If you have products sitting around in your office that you are not using, and even old demonstration items that are still in good shape, let’s get them cleaned out! Depending on the rules of your company, you could sell them off auction style in a Facebook event or group. Or maybe just have a photo album in your group with all of your spring cleaning sale items in there and people bid & buy.

#6 Share cute spring recipes, crafts and tips with your followers
I just saw the cutest recipe where you can cut apples and use peanut butter to basically make an adorable spring snail snack. People love that kind of thing and cute tips and ideas like that get shared!! This is called “curating content”, go find something cool on a blog and share it!

#7 Create an April Ideas Pinterest Board and share it
Head over to Pinterest and create a theme board for April and pin what you love  for April (tips, recipes, crafts, DIY, cleaning, etc). Once you have a minimum of 10-15 pins (I am sure you will find far more that you love), share the link to your Pinterest board in your customer group, your FB business page, your personal timeline, your customer newsletter, etc. Share it everywhere! Invite them to follow you while they are over on Pinterest!

 #8 Spring-ify Your Vendor Booth
We are heading into vendor booth season again! People completely pre-judge your vendor booth in about 3 seconds. Think about ways you can completely “spring-ify” your table and display to make it attractive to those scanning the room or just passing by. Be sure to use colors that go well together, maybe just 2-3 colors. Keep things simple and clean!

#9 Host a Spring Fling event
Did your company come out with new products recently? Host a Spring Fling theme event, either in person or online. Even if they didn’t come out with anything new lately, it doesn’t matter! Spring-ify the current offerings and get people excited! When Spring hits, people are more likely to get out and do something (aka spring fever), use that to your advantage and host a super fun spring fling event. This would be an awesome place to cash and carry that spring cleaning product you were looking to sell off!

#10 Spring Break Staycations
Not everyone gets to getaway for spring break anymore! Why not share a month of staycation ideas that they can do from home and incorporate your product into the ideas! Moms are desperate for ideas and they will appreciate refuge you can give them when their kiddos have spring fever! Show your products in action and how they can enhance their lives and provide solutions for their problems.

You need to be thinking about marketing Mother’s Day! It’s right around the corner and you want to make sure people have enough time to order and get their product. So get a list together of some products you can high light as great Mother’s Day gifts. Make some bundles. Dress up some baskets to give them ideas. Don’t waste time on this, get started now!

What fun April ideas do you have?

Melissa Fietsam






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Training by Directly Social

trainining sliced right

Directly Social Elite Club

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Increase your Personal Recruiting

You’re going to get over 30 ideas to increase your personal recruiting with these proven strategies and laser focus.

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#1 Recruiting System

Once you have those new recruits, wouldn’t you love a system to get them to sell over $1000 in their first 3 months? This will teach how. 45 minute training and printables!

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Leadership Mastermind Group

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Power Hour Binder

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New Consultant Quick Start

Here you will learn a system to train your new consultants. This training is for leaders. It teach you a system to train your downline, not just your personal consultants. It’s a way to touch everyone with the basics of on-boarding into your company.

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Leadership Power Hour Binder

Don’t know where to begin when it comes to getting organized as a leader? You’ll get 15 printables and a step by step video of how to lead your team with this leadership binder!

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Hostess Coaching made Easy

Hostess coaching is the heart of your business. You’ll learn some easy steps to organize your hostess coaching process, tips and tricks to get your hostess involved, and finally increase those party sales!

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Optimizing your Facebook Business Page and Customer Groups

Here you will learn how to optimize your Facebook business page and learn tips and tricks you never even knew were there for you. You’ll also learn what to post on your business page and what to post on your customer group, and why you need both!

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Optimize your YouTube Channel

This will teach you how to create your YouTube channel, optimize it with links, graphics, and other tools. You’ll learn what to post and how to optimize those videos to get them seen. You’ll also learn some video tips, tricks, and tools for video making!

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leadership (1)

Are you a Leader?

Let’s start there! I believe you are a leader if you currently have at least one person on your direct sales team that you work with to motivate and grow in the business. Regardless of how many people you need on your team to achieve a certain title in your company, I believe you are a leader if you are working with even one person, you are their “leader”.

Why do you want to join the Leader Group:

Because we’re women. We have an empire to build…and…the dishes, and the carpool, and the bills, and the mother-in-law (#sorrynotsorry), and the BIG kid (AKA: mother-in-law’s son…LOL!), and the dog has to go to the vet, and they forgot their lunch at home (again)…okay…you get it.

Do you want to grow your team? Do you want your team to sell more? Do you want to advance in title and promote more leaders? Do you want to make more money? Do yu want to learn how to be the best leader you can for your team? Do you want to know what is working for other leaders across the industry? Do you want private small group coaching and brainstorming with me every singe day of the week? Then you need to be in this group!

Here are some topics we cover in our DS Elite Leaders Group

*Recruiting (team and personal)
*Promoting Downline Leaders
*Working with New Consultants
*Increasing Team Sales
*Increasing Team Member Activity
*Learn Good Leader Time Management and Balance
*Hosting Business Opportunity Events (online and offline)
*How to host effective team trainings (weekly/monthly)
*Personal Development for Leaders (you!)
*Running Effective Contest and Incentives
*Where to find inexpensive prizes/resources
*How to do effective coaching calls with your team members
*Raising the Dead (inactive team members)
*Team Retention (how to keep them from quitting/leaving)
*Happy Mail Ideas and Resources
*Leaders are Readers – what books to read (starting a summer book club in this group!)
*Planning: Daily, Monthly, Annually
*Best Leader Tools – apps, websites, programs
*Working with an online team
*Working through Leader frustration and burn out
*How to build a positive team environment with a killer FB group
*Prompts  of what to post on your team pages on a weekly basis
*How to build resources & systems for your team
*Implementing push weeks & power products – help your teams sell $$$ more a month
*Understanding your role as a leader
…. and so much more!


Only $10 a month!



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All requests to the Elite Leadership group will be processed within 24-48 hours

Subscription Cancellation:
If you cancel your payment plan, you will be removed automatically from the group and can subscribe again at anytime


I felt as if I had reached a plateau of sorts, I love my awesome team of ladies and wanted to keep moving forward but was slowly running our of original fresh ideas to inspire these ladjes. Until that fateful day in Orlando I met and had the pleasure of listening to your story Melissa Fietsam ! This group has taken me to the next level and beyond, I have implemented so many helpful tips and ideas and have already seen an increase in sales as well as team participation. The feedback from my girls has been awesome !! I cannot thank you enough Melissa !!!
Wendy Gundlach – Director, Lilla Rose

I can’t begin to tell you how amazing the DS Elite Leadership page is and what it has done for my business. My team is small but I still implement what she does and adjusts it to my team. Beside my team doing better, my own business and leadership skills are stronger. I have always had strong leadership skills because of my fulltime job but this is so different. I have always followed Melissa Fietsam on social media and have learned so much from just watching past YouTube videos but this group takes it to the next level. You will never get an opportunity to learn so much in one place. The best part about the group is that she shares it all. She holds nothing back… this group is about as real as it gets. You will never find another group that is as motivational, supportive and detailed orientated as this one. No matter what company you are with, you will want to be in this group to learn from Melissa and the sisterhood. This group is a must for your success.

Jennifer Messerschmidt –  Director, Thirty-One Gifts.

When I found Melissa’s leadership group I was so excited! I had been looking for guidance in how to build and maintain my team! My upline wasn’t teaching me past a certain point and I was getting frustrated! The social elite leadership group was the answer! I love how I can use these ideas in this group even though I’m a consultant with Norwex! It has truly been a blessing to me and the growth of my team.
Lindsey Pickering – Team Coordinator, Norwex

By following Melissa’s trainings, I’m able to focus on my leadership directive as I’m planning to become Director and going to Maui next year! She makes everything look so SMH easy!
Sherry DeLuca – Senior Consultant, Thirty-One Gifts

I recently joined Melissa’s Elite Leadership group and I’ve already been challenged to step up and be a better leader, have more communication with my team and grow my personal business. I need to be held accountable and I appreciate the challenges posted and the interaction within the group as well. I am excited to see my business and team grow in 2018!
Lynita Stambaugh –  Advanced Director, Clever Container.

Melissa’s leadership group is amazing. I’m on my way to Director again and I couldn’t have done it all on my own. All her ideas are amazing and the way she get’s us thinking out of the box is fantastic. We also get to share our ideas and brainstorm together. I would recommend this group to anyone looking to grow their team and move up in your company. Melissa’s elite leadership group is amazing! Her daily tasks have helped me to build relationships with my team and to feel comfortable to work with them on sponsoring. Prior to joining the leadership group, I wasn’t sure how to encourage lineage promotions and support my team. My confidence and commitment to my team have grown leaps and bounds.

Alesha Lane – Director, Thirty-One Gifts

Since joining Melissa’s group, I feel like I have both a cheerleader and a personal trainer. Plus, I thrive on new ideas, and there are plenty here! It’s energizing to be surrounded by others who want to do better by themselves and by their teams. The synergy has freed me to work on my sales, team systems, and become more of a cheerleader and DOER for my teammates.
Wendy Dykema – Team Leader, Usborne Books & More

I’m extremely grateful for the Directly Social Elite Leadership Group! Melissa continuously (and selflessly) shares her brilliant “out of the box” ideas and systems on how to run a successful DS business. She stays current, and is always one step ahead. Joining her group is one of the smartest investments I’ve made in my business thus far!
Michelle Hartman – Senior Director, Thirty-One Gifts

I have been in this industry for a long time and I have worked with some of the best. Melissa is definitely the best of the best… she is REAL and provides not only the tools..but more importantly she provides the in-depth training on how to utilize them. Melissa isn’t talking at us…she walks the walk right along with us and is so incredibly generous in sharing everything with us.
Jennifer Barsz-Trevarthan Director, RubyRibbon

Melissa’s leadership group is amazing. I’m on my way to Director again and I couldn’t have done it all on my own. All her ideas are amazing and the way she get’s us thinking out of the box is fantastic. We also get to share our ideas and brainstorm together. I would recommend this group to anyone looking to grow their team and move up in your company.
Samantha Mason – Senior Consultant, Thirty-One Gifts