This is such an awesome way to get your name out there!! Watch this 3 minute video on how to use coloring sheets to advertise your business:

The idea is to find new connections at every corner.  Places you can leave these:

car dealerships

oil changing businesses

tire changing businesses

doctor and dentist offices

any type of waiting rooms
I bought crayons here for super cheap:
And you can fit a regular size address label on the back with your information! I go to and make all kinds of labels for my own business and print from home.

I will also post my coloring sheet on our group file page at:

For the coloring sheets, these are so easy to change for each season! Just Google coloring sheets for that particular holiday or season and tons of free templates will come up.


This is CHEAP and FUN and will get your name out in your community!! What other ideas do you have that help you promote your business in a FUN way?

Love and hugs,

Melissa Fietsam


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