Marketing Monday!

How often are you at a restaurant and you hear the servers singing happy birthday to one of their customers eating dinner with their family?

Watch this 1 minute video to show how you can give a FUN birthday gift the next time you hear this!

So what do you do?

~No matter what your product is, make up some goody bags with something very inexpensive in your company line, a sample of some sort.  Put a mini catalog, a business card, a coupon, and a gift. Then make labels that say: HAPPY BIRTHDAY from ~~~~~ and slap it on the outside of it!

~ the next time you hear them singing Happy Birthday, you grab a birthday bag, hand it to YOUR server, and ask them to deliver it to the birthday girl (or guy).

So WHY would you want to do this? What’s in it for you?

1. It is NICE! Who doesn’t love to get a birthday surprise on their birthday??

2. This person is out celebrating with an entire group of their family and friends for their birthday. I can almost bet they are going to show the WHOLE table what the server just brought to them!

3. Your server is going to ask you what the heck it is! And then you’re going to give THEM a mini catalog!

4. It is just plain marketing. It is getting your information out to someone new. In a FUN way! It’s all about being remarkable in what you do…there are hundreds of consultants. But what makes YOU remarkable??? How can you separate yourself from the thousands of other consultants out there who are NOT working their business? You have to think outside the box!!

~this is an idea I got from this wonderful lady:

~and this is where I got my 5X8 zip lock bags:×8+zip+lock%2C+clear&_sacat=0&_from=R40



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