I posted this on my main Facebook page and I am having some REALLY good feedback! I even had a kid (a friend of one of my kids) nominate his mom…so sweet!! Great advertisement for YOU and a way to celebrate someone else in the process! Offer a bundle of your products as a Mother’s Day gift for one of the entries. I will number each entry and then pick a winner from the website called http://www.random.org. It allows you to enter numbers and then it chooses a winner for you! Here is what I posted: Mother’s Day is right around the corner. I want to spoil one lucky mom (or a mom that deserves it) with a gift package from YOU! Go check out this board, tell me which one your “mom” would love and why she deserves to win. And tag her when you do, so you can give her a big smile today I will draw a grand prize on April 10th!! So you can have it delivered by Mother’s Day!

And how would this help your business and your friend?

1. People are looking at your information on Pinterest, your business boards, and Mother’s Day gift ideas from your company

2. People are making a personal connection with you by sharing

3. People are tagging someone else, now your information shows up on their page too…more advertisement for YOU

4. You get to show case your product on Facebook without breaking any rules. You’re not selling, asking them to join, or begging them to book a party. You’re simply celebrating THEM and their FRIENDS, and your PRODUCT! WIN/WIN


Check my own Pinterest board to get an idea of what to do for YOURS!

http://www.pinterest.com/lovemybags/mothers-day-giftsideas   /


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