Did you know that because you run a business, you can order something called REGIONAL RATE BOXES, from the post office for FREE and they will ship your business supplies and customer mailings SO much cheaper? Read this from the USPS and follow the links at the bottom to order yours today. You pay no shipping to get them shipped to your door step. And you get FREE boxes with cheaper shipping. Now that’s a WIN/WIN!!!:

Priority Mail Regional Rate

With free shipping supplies that can only be ordered online, Priority Mail Regional Rate® is a low-cost shipping alternative for commercial and online customers currently using either Priority Mail or Merchandise Return Service. With more than one size to choose from, Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes® combine the speed and convenience of Priority Mail shipping with zone pricing to reduce costs. Regional Rate Boxes are best used for small, dense packages being shipped short distances that need to arrive in 1, 2, or 3 business days1. Also get Package Pickup2 at your home or business, USPS Tracking™, and limited insurance coverage against loss or damage, at no additional charge.
Image of Priority Mail® Boxes


  • Includes up to $50 in insurance coverage for mailpieces with barcodes3
  • Delivery within 1, 2, or 3 business days1 based on where your package started and where it’s being sent
  • Free Package Pickup2
  • Includes USPS Tracking
  • Saturday delivery and residential delivery at no extra charge4
  • Zone pricing keeps costs low

I just shipped 24 catalogs and fundraisers packets for $6 in these business rate boxes!!! They are FREE to order! My post office guy told me about it and had one on hand for me. But he said they don’t stock those at the post office, you have to order them! WOOT!! WOOT!! Shipping can be outrageous, and we need to save money where we can. There are all different size boxes you can order completely FREE. https://store.usps.com/store/browse/subcategory.jsp?categoryId=subcatMSS_RegionalRate&categoryNavIds=catGetMailingShippingSupplies%3AsubcatMSS_RegionalRate

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