I have made a video for my team to explain the importance of getting someone information BACK from them when you hand them your mini catalog.

When you are out running errands all day, you should be handing your mini catalogs or information to everyone you come into contact with. But what good does that do if you don’t get their information in return, right? Because follow up is KEY!

Watch this 2 minute video on how I am going to start collecting their information by doing a DRAWING every month just for my new contacts. This gives you a REASON to ask them for their information! Everyone loves something for free, right??

Once a month, do a drawing with all the information sheets you have collected and give away a free product!

The other thing I like about this form I have made is it has a “best way to contact you” section. If you are emailing someone who never checks their email, you are fighting a losing battle! So why not just ASK them how they prefer to be contacted!

If you would like a copy of the form I have made, visit my Facebook site and I will post it there for everyone to be able to download it. I have this page set up so we can share files with all the different direct sales companies.   You can request to be added to this page:


And here is a picture for you to view!


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