So I’m always looking for new ways to market my business to different circles of people. I came across a site that does personalized bookmarks. So of course I made some bookmarks and had the plan to go to libraries and ask to leave my bookmarks at their counters.

But I got to thinking, how can I use this? How can I make some contacts and relationships from this? So I decided to call my local Barnes and Noble and see if I could set up a table for a few hours, do a give a way, and give my bookmarks out. Let’s just say they thought I was crazy and gave me a run around.

But I’m not easily defeated. So I decided to try a smaller chain and I called Half Priced Books. I was directed to the regional manager. I called and spoke with her and she also thought I was crazy…INITIALLY.  I said, think about it this way:

1. I buy a gift certificate for your store to give away

2. I set up my products and do a give a way

3. I post on my Facebook: “I’m at Half Priced Books today, come see me! Giving away a gift certificate today!

4. YOU get customers and advertisement, I get customers and advertisement

5. And she says…that sounds like a GREAT idea!

So she said I can set up at the store I was calling to.

But did I stop there? NO> I asked how many stores she is over, turns out SIX stores from here to Kentucky that I will be visiting and have exclusive access to. You never know until you ask. And if you stop at the first person who tells you no…you’re not going to find the one who will say YES!

Here is the website I got my personalized bookmarks at, for very cheap might I add:

And here is a video I made for my team explaining what I’m doing:


Here is a picture of my bookmark:



Remember, it always seems impossible until it’s done!


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