Handing out mini catalogs:

Everybody always asks me…WHAT DO YOU SAY….when you hand out mini catalogs??

“I just don’t know what to say”

Ready for it??? This is monumental…this is going to be a turning point in your career….pay very close attention…..you ready for it????…………….. “Do you mind if I leave this with you?”

-she’ll say……. “Sure, what is it?”

-and you’ll say…. “I sell purses, this is our mini catalog and a $5 coupon for you!”

**if she acts interested at all, you say…if you write your name and email down I can add you to my newsletter and monthly drawing. I give away one free gift a month for my brand new customers. A great way to remind yourself to do this is to put a post it note on the front of each mini catalog.  Here’s the form I use to get their contact information BACK:


Make little goody bags.  All you need to make your own is:

-a mini catalog

-an opportunity flier or post card

-and a business card with a Coupon on it

#1 Where do you put the mini catalogs?




**every Sunday….make up 25 mini’s….and put half of them in your purse and half of them in your CAR! Your job each week is to hand out 25 mini catalogs a week to complete strangers…

Who do you leave them with??

*** EVERYONE!!!! When you go into the…

-Grocery store, give it to the teller

-Bank, send it in the tube

-Gas station, give it to the clerk

-Library, give it to the lady checking you out

-Walmart, give it to the cashier

-Doctor, leave some for the staff

-Dollar store, give to the cashier

-WORK…leave in the BATHROOMS, breakrooms…

-Servers….attach your bill to the mini catalog

ANYONE you come into contact with.  And when you get really good at this…you not only go into the dollar store you intended to, but you go into the store NEXT DOOR! Why not? You’re already THERE!

AND WHAT DO WE SAY WHEN WE HAND THEM OUT????? “Do you mind if I leave this with you???”

Now one more thing that’s fun to do……

You CAN get some kiddy looking goody bags and a sticker book, mini notepads, and a pack of 64 crayons at your dollar store.  Put some stickers, two sheets of paper folded over, 2 crayons, and a mini catalog packet.  Hand them to rowdy kids in stores-the moms will love you 🙂

These are my goody bags below. Easy to keep nice and neat in these 5×8 zip lock bags. You can order these for very cheap on eBay!

think about it packets

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  1. You give away one free gift a month for new customers. If you’re getting their contact information like you described above, they are necessarily new customers. Do you enter them in a drawing without them being customers?


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