How good is your customer service when picking up the phone? I store all my customers in my phone with a 31 before their first name, like…31Teresa Smith. That way, I know immediately when it pops up that it is a 31 customer. And I do not pick up the phone and say HELLO. I say, HI TERESA!! Just one way to make your customers and hostesses feel extra special!!

Also, with that 31 in front of their name, if I am doing a booking blitz, I just have to scroll through the 31’s…not my whole contact base!!!


Making your customers feel special is the key to great customer service. Remarkable customer service is what will keep your customers coming back to YOU over all the other consultants.

Also, with every single customer order, I send a hand written THANK YOU note in the mail. I tell them their expected delivery date, thank them for their business, and send a business magnet with my information on it. I choose to put this in the mail because I do not want it to get lost in their bags of product that I deliver. I want them to get something in the mail other than a bill! Something to make them smile and say, “hmmmm….”.  Set yourself apart!

Here are the business magnets I order from


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