Keep track of your contacts!

It is SO important to keep track of every aspect of your business in direct sales. How many times do you get a lead for a booking or potential recruit, write their information on a piece of paper, and then LOSE it??!! That is just not affordable in our business.

I have completely changed my business by implementing some of the ideas from Belinda Ellsworth’s  Power Hour trainings. It took me 6 month to perfect my system, but my business is now a well oiled machine. I work efficiently and effectively on every aspect of my business that NEEDS my attention:

1. Booking

2. Recruiting

3. Hostess Coaching

4. Customer Care

Check out this video to see how YOU can organize your own business. Because let’s face it, these four areas are the foundation of our business. And if you’re not taking care of the foundation of your business, you will struggle.

I have never been more successful, confident, and EXCITED about my business than ever before. and it is ALL due to this system!

Power Hour Binder

Here’s examples of the files I have created to track booking leads, recruiting leads, VIP customers, and my personal marketing plan:

4-vip 3-recruit  12-booking

If you would like access to all these files, they can be found here:

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