On Mondays, we go over some marketing ideas for your direct sales business.  I’m always looking for some fresh ideas to market my business. I truly believe that if you are not actively marketing your business to new customers at least one hour every week, you will start to lose momentum.


What happens in direct sales is this…you have a full calendar. Great month. Great hostesses. You are busy working with your hostesses, filling orders, and delivering goodies. So much, that you feel like you don’t need to keep marketing every week consistently, right? WRONG! Because when you’re not marketing CONSISTENTLY…you will lose steam.  Those hostesses will come and go, those orders will get filled, and when all that “busy” is done…you’re going to wake up and realize you have nothing on the calendar!

So make sure you are ALWAYS consistently marketing!

Here are 10 tips to successfully market your direct sales business:

1. Facebook: put a link to your facebook page on your business cards!  My link is www.facebook.com/costello78.  This helps you stay in touch personally with your customers and lets them see all your posts.  You can do this through your profile on your Facebook page. I like to let people see that I’m a “real” person

2. When you see someone post on their Facebook or send you an email about a 5K walk or marathon they’re doing, or relay for life, or a donation for a family member or friend….send them a message like this:

I saw your post about the Relay for Life you’re participating in!  I would love to help you earn some money by doing a Thirty-One fundraiser.  You can do a home show or catalog show and earn 25% of all the sales from your party!  So if you had a $500 show…I could donate $125. Better yet…if you had a $1000 show-I could donate $250!  People are so much more likely to buy when they know its going to a good cause, so I’m sure you’ll do really well.  Does is sound like something you would be interested in?

3. Put a coupon in your customers bag saying if they tag you on Facebook with a picture of their new product, they get a FREE gift in the mail from you!

4. Always throw your business card in all return envelopes, bills, etc.

5. Approach businesses and offer to do their employee gift shopping

6. Use your product for your kid’s Teacher appreciation gifts and put catalogs in them. ALWAYS use your product when you’re thinking of gifts for people in your life!

7. Attach a luggage Tag to your everyday purse or bag with “31” on it – use this as a business card holder or gift card holder


8. Table set ups – approach retirement communities that have a cafeteria/dining hall around holidays; advertise in their monthly newsletter. They can’t get out and about to shop as much. What a great way to bring your business to them. You could even offer to set up an event for them and organize other vendors to come with you.

9. Check in with your local Chamber of Commerce – mixers / meet-ups / business round-tables…it’s a great way to connect with other local business owners. Because you can always support them around holidays for gifts with their employees. And get great tips from them to use in your own business.

10. Put a referral bonus on your business cards. And always let your customers know they will get a gift certificate if they share your business and someone places an order, books a arty, or joins your team. And then tag them on Facebook when you do, so that everyone can see it!

I hope you have enjoyed these tips! Keep working your business ladies!

What do YOU do in your business that sets you apart from other consultants?

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