So this is a new game I’m going to try at my parties next weekend.

You get these cute little purses at:

Then you put prizes inside:

1. Book a party (6 of them)

2. Grand Prize (1)

3. FREE customer special (2 of them)

4. Pick a prize (2 of them…this would be a box of retired product you have)

5. $5 off (1 of them)


So those are just some could do 10% off, half off, free tax, free shipping, free key fob, free nail file….whatever you want!

I like the idea of making them hold onto them until check out. That way, only buying guests get the chance to open. AND…you are for sure asking every single person to BOOK! It’s an easy reminder for YOU. Plus, they have ordering on their mind. When they’re getting ready to write a check or swipe a card, and you tell them…you could get $5 off…they might jump on it!

So anyways, you can do this anytime. I would suggest after hostess stacking or at checkout!

And let them know:

If you already KNOW you want to book a party…you get this booking bonus (whatever you want to tell them)…PLUS what’s in your purse! But you have to tell me before we start!



Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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