Everyone needs an organized and INTENTIONAL way to engage your guests at your direct sales parties. This is the system I have come up with!

Watch this 10 minute video:


Front pocket:

bundle pictures and catalog

4 sheet protectors:

~booking calendar

~customer special

~embroidery guide

~living your dreams flier

~fundraiser with a  twist

Back pocket:

order form and Let’s Book a Party form


Melissa Fietsam,

Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts



6 thoughts

  1. Love your ideas. How can I print your information for the Guest Packets for direct sales parties. i am not a member of team trendy, but a consultant that is getting started in my business. I have been following you on Youtube and you have some awesome ideas that I have already incorporated. Please reply Valerie Ababon my email address vababon@aol.com. I just returned from Denver Conference, and I want to incorporate this at my home parties. Thank you Melissa


  2. Your directors have access to all of my files. Unfortunately I do not have the time to post files over and over for over 100,000 consultants. So I make those available to the directors in one spot. They can then pass those files on. Hope you understand! Drowning in 5 kids over here:)


      1. any of the files i share are shared on the directors page. I don’t have time to hand out files and answer all the fb messages and emails i get requesting for files. So i post them to the directors and point everyone there


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