I went from ZERO bookings in April to TWENTY on my calendar today!

Do you want to know HOW? It’s quite simple. I got back to the HOME PARTY!

I’ve been doing this for 6 years. And it took me 6 years to figure out that everything they’ve been telling me all along was RIGHT. We are a party plan business, and the home party is where it’s all at!

At the beginning of the year, I had a newborn and FOUR kidney surgeries. Coming off of maternity leave in April, I woke up with zero bookings on my calendar. I woke up one day and said NO MORE.

I revamped my home party presentation, my hostess coaching, and my hostess rewards program. And then I told EVERYONE about it. I knew that all I needed was ONE party! And I didn’t stop until I got it.  And then I ROCKED it! And now 4 months later I have 20 parties booked. 5 home parties in August and 5 for September.  And I haven’t picked up the phone once. All brand new hostesses booked AT THE PARTY.

So here is the first part I want everyone to see. My presentation is SO intentional. Every last bit of it is said or done for a reason. Booking, recruiting, and sales. All over the place, seeds are planted throughout my presentation.

And the purse booking game is something I will NEVER do without. It is the single most important thing that has created bookings for me. PERIOD. So watch this video! And if you’re on my team, the party presentation is in our files. If not, I will share it on the Director’s page and you will have to contact YOUR director to get a copy of it.


2 thoughts

  1. I loved the presentation and I love how you created the booking excitement by stacking and went right into booking… I tried this with the dice game and ended up with questions like what if I don’t want to book a party? I now realize that I didn’t calm any fear/ answer all the questions about booking before going into the game. Thank You and I can’t wait to refocus and make my party more intentional!!!


  2. I wish I was on your team! If I’d found you before I’d joined I would’ve joined your team instead!! I am insanely jealous o your team!!


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