So the idea is you set up a table at a local store, you hand out “awareness” stickers…I talk about Breast Cancer awareness stickers in this video, and you do a give a way with your direct sales product in order to get new leads.

Watch this 4 minute video explaining:

If you’re not consistently gaining new leads, your business will eventually hit a brick wall! This is a way you can:

1. meet new people

2. build relationships with local business owners

3. build relationships with the employees at these stores

4. and get your name out in the community

How in the WORLD could you NOT do this?? Right??

And the best part about it….it’s CHEAP!! Do a give away with a retired product you have in stock. Grab some brochures or awareness stickers for super cheap, and GET YOUR NAME OUT THERE!!



The website I got the stickers from is:



Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts









2 thoughts

  1. As a Breast Cancer Survivor I feel very passionate about the “awareness” of this horrible disease!! You can contact the American Cancer Society or Relay for Life and they may be able to provide you free materials to hand out for awareness purposes.


    1. I have always wondered about that! I contacted the AHA about a year ago and never heard anything back. Do you know of a contact that I could reach on that? or just dig in and do some more research? And YAY for you!! I love hearing survivor stories.


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