As a Direct Sales party girl, it’s always important to have an arsenal of games in your party tote! As you begin to book at each party, you may end up with repeat guests and groups. And you always want to keep it fresh, FUN, and keep them on their toes at your party! My goal is to have them thinking…”What is this crazy lady doing NOW??” Right?

I saw another file for this game and made a new one for our team that was printer friendly. I made this so it would print 2 to a page and easily go into a “game folder” for our consultants.  SO easy. SO fun.

And the best part about this game is that at the end, they (and YOU) get to celebrate the hostess. And that’s really what our job is all about!

So here is a snap shot of this fun and easy game to play at your parties!



Melissa Fietsam,

Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

Join my team!









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