Ok, I have to say I really love this clip!


And WHY would I be in love with a $3 clip?? Oh….let me tell you 😉

So if you’re anything like ME…which for your sake, I hope you’re not…LOL! When I go to a party, do you know where you can find me most of the time? Right. Next. To. The. FOOD! So how great would it be to have an “opportunity” flier sitting there with this clip on the kitchen counters next to all the food?

And I can’t stand the plastic display cases for fliers because they always BREAK. And they’re expensive!

So you could laminate your flier. Set it wherever you want at the party, and put it in a safe folder to protect it when the party is over! So stinking easy, fun, and EFFECTIVE.  Put it by the food….and they will join….LOL

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Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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