So recently I came across the idea to use sealed envelopes with prizes in them, to give my hostess an incentive for doing certain things before her party. Well, I’m a stream line kind of girl. I like things simple, easy, and FUN! So my friend Bridget Edwards made these images we can use as postcards for our “hostess envelopes”. Aren’t these GORGEOUS???

fb fb2 fb3

So here’s the deal! 

My hostess gets 4 post cards in her hostess packet. I personally just ordered the black chevron because I’m a chevron junkie.

So she has these 4 post cards. Now…on the back of the post card…I have a scratch off sticker.  I bought these cute little scratch off stickers from:  ($6 for 100, i think?)

Under the scratch off sticker, I get to write in whatever gift I choose to give the hostess for completing what’s on the front of the post card.  My gifts will be simple, easy, fun, and affordable! Key fobs, nail files, rosette clips, $5 off their order, etc.

Now…they cannot scratch these off until the night of their party, in front of all their guests! So…

#1: they know they get to open gifts in front of everyone, so they might want to get them all, right?

#2: all their guests get to see all the awesome little gifts they get for hosting

The first hostess I gave these to, she came back with $270 in outside orders. And that was just ONE ORDER! And she said she’s having so much fun, “she can see why I love my job”. So now she’s on our team page and thinking of making it her launch party 😉

But anyways!! So easy!! So cute!! and EVER so effective!! If you would like to order yours from Bridget, you get all 5 images personalized to you, so you can order your own post cards. All 5 images are just $10! She did a fabulous job on those and I can’t wait to get mine in!!

Bridget Edwards contact Information:

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

Join Thirty-One today!!






6 thoughts

  1. Melissa! They are so cute!! I used this idea for my hostess last night! She had over $200 in outside sales. She had 20+ at the party. She sent me her guest list. She didn’t have any bookings, but when 2 people booked from her party, I gave her the last gift. I have one hostess in a Oct that has these envelopes too. I’m buying those postcards!!!!


  2. i am having a hard time with utilizing such small gifts like a key fob or rosette clip ….feel like its not enough as a prize….suggestions? and not that I want to spend alot either


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