As a direct sales consultant, I’m guessing you’re gearing up for a Turkey Trot of some sorts this fall season.  If you don’t know what your objectives are for it, you’re going to miss the mark!

And if your objective is some quick sales, you’re REALLY missing the mark! Figure out what you need in your business. Is it recruits, bookings, sales? Write your goals down and then figure out how to get there. That’s what I did!

Check out how I am going to use my Turkey Trot to book the FIRE out of my January! Watch this quick video:


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts











2 thoughts

  1. Hi Melissa! I too plan on doing a Turkey Trot and love your idea of adding info/incentive about the new Jewell line coming up for January!! Just one question about your video…you stated you are going to give your Trotters the Potluck Set for Free if they turn in $200 and get you 3 bookings…how will you get those sets to give since they’re a Hostess only in November? Also, what if you have 3-4 people that qualify…will you give them that as well or something else comparable?? Just curious…thanks for your idea!!


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