I know I work in Direct Sales. But some days, I feel like I work in the “Yes I can piss you off today” department. RIGHT?! 

I shared this tip with my team that I have been using for YEARS. And it really does work on the normal person. Taking ownership of your customer’s anger sets the tone and they almost CAN’T be mad at you. Try it next time!

Here is what I posted to my team. A little apology in customer service can go a long way:

Ladies, little trick I learned along the way. I don’t know where I heard it, but I’ve done it for years and it really does work. Whenever you’re talking to a customer about something “uncomfortable”, say the words…PLEASE FORGIVE ME. It’s like a universal ice breaker and they can’t help but ease their tension and feel that you sincerely want to make something better.
Lost an order
can’t get a credit card to go through
can’t get her to close and you really need to
messed something up
whatever it is, start with please forgive me

Of course, I still have people that want to poke my eyes out, but for NORMAL people, this works


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts








2 thoughts

  1. Just so happens that I messed something up with a great customer yesterday and then today, here’s your “how to handle it” tip in my email! Thanks a million for sharing! 🙂


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