Alright ladies. I’m going to try a brand new approach to a spring open house launch party. I’m going to host a PICK UP party. I never have any luck with open houses. Although, many people do! And if that works for you, then you should totally stick with it.

So here is my idea. Promote this as a 2 hour event, 2 days in a row. Probably on a Saturday and Sunday. I will set up my products, do a give a way, and they can PICK UP their brand new spring catalog.

1. It saves me shipping.
2. I get to show them product
3. I get to talk to them
4. It’s so much less intimidating when they know they’re just coming to “pick up” their new catalog
5. I’ll have some snacks
6. I’ll do some give a ways
7. I’ll give them 10% off their order that day (and enter as a party so it doesn’t cost me out of pocket)

**RSS doesn’t start shipping until December 17th. So I will just have to showcase the “new” to them when they get here. And use my add on kit.

**and I will wait until December 10th (Christmas shipping deadline) before I host this. I still want December orders until the very last minute!

**I will take pre-orders and this is how I will do it. I will wait until i have a “total” for these orders and then I’ll buy that amount in gift certificates, just in case they use credit card, i want to make sure to get the actual money in hand, so that is why I will do that. If I have $98 in orders, I’ll just buy $100 gift certificate. And pay the extra $2 myself. Hope that makes sense.

So, what do you think?? Am I crazy? I think just giving it a different name and SPIN, might just work!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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9 thoughts

    1. So the pre-order will get your December sales (by gift certificate purchase) but you won’t actually order their product until Jan 1 with the gift certificates?


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