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SO… the big announcement last night…is that Thirty-One has joined forces with a company called Jewel Kade! We have a goal in 2015 to be your one stop shop for organization for your family, fun products for YOU, and giftable items to help you shop for yourself and others. Jewel Kade’s founder is an amazing lady who started much the same way our founder did, selling her dream out of her basement. Family and women are her #1 priority. Because of that alignment in goals and dreams, we will be starting a small collection of Jewel Kade jewelry in March! This will be a small additional line, much like Jewell. Thirty-One and Jewell are still our primary products that you have come to know and love. This is just going to be an additional line for you to choose from! We have chosen 19 items to be featured in this line in March and will have a mini catalog to feature those products. In the fall of 2015, they will become a fixture in the catalog, much like our retro metro line that you love.


I’m very excited about the growth and direction of our company. Business decisions are being made that not only bring our customers fresh and new things to love each season, but it’s so great for our consultants too! So I can’t wait to show you all of these exciting products. I’m going to go find my favorite one and post in the comments for you (this was an item designed especially for Thirty-One). So keep an eye out for some exciting things coming your way!

As a business owner, I’m most excited about the opportunity for:

GROWTH: It’s so important for a company to always keep their customers on the edge. Yes, everyone loves their Thirty-One line, and soon to be Jewell line. But there’s always those guests who ask for more options in the affordable “gifts” category.

NEWNESS: With the transition to a 6 month catalog season, this comes RIGHT in the middle of the catalog season! It brings a sense of NEW to our line, just when we and our customers will be asking for it.

BOOKING: This is a new reason for our customers to book a party! They get to say, come see the new Jewell line now…then they get to say, come see the new Jewell Kade line in March! And right in time for all those graduation and Mother’s Day gifts that everyone will be looking to buy

LEARNING: I love to learn! And we’re bringing on a whole group of fantastic women that I get to grow and learn from. And a whole new set of friends! I believe I have so much to offer them in terms of support in welcoming them to our company, and I know they will be able to teach me some new tips and tricks. So this is VERY exciting for us!

RECRUITING: What a way to lead the recruiting conversation in a fresh new spin. I always keep in contact with my recruiting leads, but after awhile, you start sounding like a parrot, right? First I get to contact them about the new Jewell line. Next, I get to contact them about the new JK line. It’s called OPPORTUNITY 😉

PERSONALIZATION: Jewel Kade has a line of personalized products that align with our company. And that opens the door to SO many possibilities for us and the future of our company! Our company is unique because of the personalization we offer. I am very excited about expanding our options of items to personalize in the future!

So anyways, just my two sense about a fabulous new company we are partnering with coming soon! Thirty-One sure knows how to keep us on our toes! And I love every minute of it!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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