Create a Power Hour schedule for your business and run a successful business in 20 minutes a day:

We ALL need a schedule for our Direct Sales business. My WORD for 2015 is INTENTIONAL. And you will see more on that soon! But right now I want to talk about a Power Hour schedule for your Direct Sales business. I promise you can work your business in 20 minutes a day if you follow this “prescription”. I’ve been doing this for over a year and have seen AMAZING results. Being INTENTIONAL with your time will reap you BIG rewards. You can work 10 hours a day on your business, but if you’re not focused, you’ll never get a thing done. Just because you’re “busy” working your business, doesn’t mean you’re getting the important things done.

I’m going to give you a mock schedule of how you can work your business in 20 minutes a day. When I started this business, I had 3 jobs and 3 kids, working about 60 hours a week AND in the middle of getting my Bachelors Degree. You can do anything you set your mind to!


I spend 20 minutes a day in a VERY focused state of mind to get one thing, and one thing only, DONE! I refuse to work on anything until my focus for that day is 100% done. And that is how I stay focused and successful. And most importantly,  CONSISTENT.

I also have a Director who works long hours. I set her up with this same schedule, but an HOUR on Saturday. So she works through all of these 20 minute sections on the same day.

Another Director, Stephanie Kohl,  shared this photo with her team and it rings so true. So here is her picture and below you will see my schedule. Does it change sometimes? YES. Do I always get everything done? NO. Do I sometimes spend more than 20 minutes on something? YES. But only if I have the time.



Here is my Power Hour schedule:


BOOKING: set aside 20 minutes

-mailing mini catalogs…with a “call me before I call you” sticker

-calling past hostesses

-planning a hostess incentive

-Finishing your customer email for  the following month with a booking incentive

-calling people from your warm call report

-calling people from the door prize slips

-listen to a conference call or training on booking to learn some new ideas



RECRUITING: set aside 20 minutes

-Call all those people from your door prize slips that checked “opportunity”

-Send a follow-up message or call someone who was interested in the business opportunity

-Post a recruiting seed on your FB customer page

-Send 3 inactive consultants a new catalog or minis

-Email/text/Red Stamp/Facebook/USPS…you have all the tools…USE THEM

-contact people from your warm call report that clicked on opportunity

-listen to a training or google for videos on YouTube about recruiting to get some new ideas


-get marketing materials together for tomorrow



MARKETING: take 20-30 minutes

-also plan any future marketing for that month or the next

-take a lead box and leave it at a store

-stop by a daycare and see if you can leave a lead box. Google DAYCARE, Melissa Fietsam, and some videos should pop up

-take some mini catalogs to leave at a restaurant

-google and watch some videos on marketing in direct sales

-spend some time searching online for vendor shows


-contact 3 people/groups about doing a fundraiser



HOSTESS COACHING: take 20 minutes

-send mailings (anything that has to do with hostesses. Happy mail, packets, reminders, texts, phone calls, emails, guest lists, invitations)

-text/call/email/set up events/send postcards/Red Stamp

-send their invites, check on their invites



CUSTOMER CARE: take 20 minutes

– write thank you notes to ANYONE who ordered from a party, retail, or fundraiser.

-Send red Stamp thank you to hostesses

-Call/text/FB message/email: “Were you able to get everything you wanted at the party?”  “Just calling to make sure you received your products, and make sure everything is ok?”

-get in touch with one VIP customer, send a special message, nothing to do with 31, just to say hello

-check on back orders or shipping notices and send a text to some people waiting, just so they know you’re watching and taking care of them. It is SO appreciated from them!


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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