That is my word for 2015. I need a word to refer back to when I plan and carry out my new year.  I try to focus on a word that I can relate my action plan to, so that I can keep on track with my own goals.

So what does intentional mean to Melissa? Everything!

This word is not just for my business, but it will take a huge part in my business.

First and foremost, I want to be intentional about everything I do. The definition of intentional is : done in a way that is planned or intended



My kids: I need to be more present and intentional about my time with my kids. I need to shut down the phone and the computer and use my time with them wisely. I need to ask them how their day went. I need to have us all put our phones down and actually have conversations. I want to get back to game nights and craft nights. It’s not always possible because we are so busy, but if I use the time I DO have, we can make it work.  I bought a game called Banagrams and we all love it. Just that 20 minutes of game time is great. Fun. Refreshing. And much needed.

My family: I’m so bad about so many things with my own family. I don’t call enough. I text more often than anything. I feel like we’re all closer because of Facebook but really we’re not. My INTENTION with my family, will be to pick up the phone when I go to text them. Just call and say what I need to say and check in. And can you believe the queen of happy mail is the worst person in the world to remember her family’s birthdays? I have every single family member’s birthday written in my calendar for 2015 and they will ALL get some wacky happy mail for their birthday. I will NOT let a family member’s birthday go by without mailing them a birthday card and happy mail. Nephews, aunts, uncles, brother, mom, grandma, dad, cousins…I got this. Intentional This goes for my friends too J


My business: I’m pretty good about this already. But I am going to make sure that every conversation I have is intentional. My goal for 2015 is to build relationships, not just customers. To build trust and lasting relationships. I will be carrying  MORE marketing materials with me. Everywhere. I will have my marketing tote (large utility tote) full of all of my catalogs, mini catalogs, lead boxes, packets, etc. So when I’m out somewhere, I always have everything ready. Like I said, I’m 80% on this. In 2015, I will be 100%. I will not miss a chance to further my business and miss out on a potential relationship because I was not prepared. In fact, as soon as I post this, I’m headed over to buy the cutest new Jewell bag to carry all my “stuff”. And I will not leave home without it.

I will also be investing more in one thing. Catalogs. In the last couple of years, I’ve invested in mini catalogs. But as I look around my house, I realize, I have a hard time throwing away a full catalog. A mini catalog, I can toss. But a full catalog, that’s like…just not right. So I will be making sure I’m handing out full catalogs. They’re beautiful. They showcase the amazing products we have to offer. They’re $15 for 25. I can afford to reinvest $30 in my business each month. Because without spreading the news and products, I have no business. So I am going to be intentional about those catalogs. And I’m going to start carrying the Enter My Drawing slips everywhere. And when I give a catalog out, I’m going to write my phone number at the top and say, when you get a second, fill this out and text me the picture. And I’ll mail you something cool! Probably a nail file, maybe a key fob, I don’t know. I’ll figure it out along the way. But I AM going to be very intentional about this!


Me time: Lord have mercy, do I need some ME time. I spend so much time on kids, business, team, customers, etc. I have to start being intentional about taking some time for myself. My plan is to go buy a package at a spa and get one massage a month. Take ONE day at least, and just pamper myself. Go get a massage, lunch with a friend, and maybe some shopping.  I HAVE to start taking care of myself for my own sanity. And it’s not going to happen unless I’m intentional about it.

So there it is, I could go on for hours about this, but I’ll spare everyone. Just know that everything you see or hear me do or say in 2015…will have a purpose!

I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year 🙂 Hugs from Ohio!

And tell me…what is YOUR word??

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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  1. Last year, my word was intentional. I’m not sure if I succeeded or not, but my team has grown so maybe I was. This year my word is PURPOSEFUL…..and I need to be purposeful in many of the same areas you mentioned. Thanks for your posts….they are a blessing to me!


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