It’s officially 2015. Wouldn’t you love a fresh new start with a new Thirty-One business? Let me show you all the things going on right now so you can make an informed decision on why NOW is the best time to join Thirty-One! We have the launch of the new Jewell by Thirty-One, the new Spring 2015 Enrollment kit, and SO much more to make your experience as a new Thirty-One consultant AMAZING!



Your Enrollment kit awaits! Just $99 gets you over $400 in product (plus all the order forms, catalogs, and more to get started).




All new consultants from now through the end of January can order the expander kit for $59. This has over $220 worth of product in it! This is optional, not a must. Just an extra perk for our consultants to be able to add to their kit!

new consultant add on



Right now, there is an incentive for ALL consultants going on. If you enter $600 in orders in January, you’re going to earn THIS exclusive product for FREE! There’s also ANOTHER free purse you can earn if you entered $1800!




When you host your launch party and enter $600 in January, you’re also going to earn your 1st Start Swell! You get to choose ONE kit when you submit $600 in your first 30 days. Which one do YOU want?!

sw1 sw2 sw3 sw4 sw5 sw6 sw7 sw8



Right now, you have TWO ways to earn $100 easy cash in your pocket! Submit $1000 in your first 30 days, and Thirty-One will pay you a $100 BONUS! It’s like earning your kit for FREE!

Also, if you get a new recruit in your first 4 months as a consultant, and they qualify within their Start Swell period, you earn $100 BONUS on each of them!




January is DOUBLE hostess free credit. So when you host your own launch party in January, and hit $600 in sales, you’re going to earn $200 in FREE hostess credit to buy whatever you want to add to your kit! That’s insane!!




And last, but not least, enter that $600 mark on your launch party in January, and you’re going to earn $150 in cold hard cash!! WOOHOO for starting the new year out with a new ADVENTURE, a new YOU, and a new Thirty-One BUSINESS!


Let me know if you have an questions about joining Thirty-One. I LOVE to answer questions. You can reach me in multiple ways:

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One

Text: 513-225-1775




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