Useful APPs for Direct Sellers:

I’m going to be posting some ways for you to organize your business at the start of this FABULOUS New Year! Today, we’re going to talk about 2 applications you NEED to utilize on your phone. Drop box and Notes. 


Make sure you have the NOTES app handy on your phone. It looks like this:


My friend, Vanessa Taylor showed me this a couple of years ago. Copy and paste all information you might need into folders on this APP.

For example, if I get a home office lead, and I’m away from my computer, I can go into this APP and copy and paste my entire home office lead email! I also have a copy of the digital catalog link in case I need to text it someone. This has been a TOTAL life saver! The possibilities are endless with this! Here is an example of how your folders will look in the APP:


Anything that you find yourself repeating, put it in a folder here and save yourself the time of typing up a quick and blotched message when you’re on the go!

**And Kristin Whitlow just informed that you can copy and paste PICTURES into the NOTES app which makes it even BETTER! I’m so excited about that!

**someone asked the question, how do you copy and paste something you want in there from a document. I email the document I want to myself, not the document itself, but the content (so I can copy it). And then paste it into NOTES from there

The second APP you need to utilize is DROP BOX! If you are not using Drop Box, you’re not doing yourself any favors. I can access ANY file, anywhere, at anytime. 

And the biggest thing I use this for, is my catalog product cards. I downloaded the entire catalogs product cards and have access to them in ONE click from my phone. And the best part? They’re automatically put into alphabetical order in drop box. So when someone asks to see what patterns the zip top organizing utility totes come in…I just pull that product card and text it to them. Or someone orders a product in a pattern that doesn’t exist…I just just send them the product card with the patterns that ARE available. SO easy. And so productive when it comes to your time, and most importantly, your CUSTOMER SERVICE! Here is what the Drop Box app looks like:



You’ll want to download Drop Box on your computer first. Then load all of your current folders, into your Drop Box folder.  Just Google Drop Box!

What’s really cool about putting ALL of your folders into your Drop Box account? heaven forbid, your computer crashes and you lose all your files on your computer! Well, now you can log into your Drop Box account and download Drop Box onto your NEW computer, and WALA! There’s all your files 🙂

And here is what Dropbox looks like from my phone. All my folders on my computer easily accessed right from my phone! This is the folder I have for the Spring product cards. 




Hope this helps to organize your PHONE and your busy life in 2015. Again, in order to be successful in Direct Sales, you have to be PREPARED! Here’s your fresh start!

If you need to catch up, here is Step #1 to organizing your Direct Sales Business:


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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10 thoughts

  1. I cannot find the notes app with a matching icon to what you have shown. Is yours an apple or an android? Who is it by and what is the exact name, that might help me. I have an android, that might also be my problem if you have an apple. I know there are several types I can use, but wanted to check out the one you were using as I haven’t found one yet that I favor. Thanks!


  2. Thank you so much for all your posts! These have been very helpful. I am having trouble getting the Product Tags to save in Dropbox. I was wondering if you would “share” your product tag “folder”. When you click on it, a “share” button appears on the right side. Thank you for any help you can provide! -mg


  3. Notes is an iOS app; for those on the Android platform, Google Keep is an excellent alternative. One can create color-coded lists, reminders, notes and include pictures. I’m not familiar with Windows phone alternatives, maybe OneNote. Evernote is also a great way to organize information, notes that can be organized into notebooks or through tags Mega (50GB FREE!!), Box, Amazon Cloud Drive, OneDrive and Google Drive are similar cloud storage alternatives that offer more free storage than Dropbox (though extra space can be earned on Dropbox through completing various tasks). Thank you for all the excellent ideas and tips!!!


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