Alright friends and family! I have something really great that I’m working on! I want to sponsor 31 chemo bags to the Hamilton Gebhart Cancer Center next month. And I need your help! One of my many goals this year is to GIVE BACK. And this is just the first endeavor!
Each and every bag will be tagged in memory or in honor of a loved one of the specific person who donates. Check out the pictures below of the items that made it into just SOME of my friends bags last year!! Your $25 donation will provide a large zip-top tote bag that has 7 pockets and I will take care of the rest! They can use the bags to carry their personal items (books, electronics, drinks & supplies) to/from their treatment appointments throughout their journey. I know we can pull this off together and bless some amazing people during a time when they could sure use a blessing!
Here is how it works: You can sponsor as many bags as you would like for $25 each. I will use ALL of my commissions that are made on the bags to fill them with things like chapstick, warm socks, blankets, crossword puzzles, tissues, candy, etc. If you would like to sponsor a bag, you can email me ( with “I want to sponsor ___ bags!” I will follow up with you via private message!

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Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

#giveback #chemobags #thirtyone


3 thoughts

  1. I am very, very interested in doing this as well. Lost both my parents to cancer and am now doing hospice for my best friends mommy who has cancer. How does this work financially as the bags are 35. I know they are 10 now but that is if 35 spent. Trying to figure out how do this without going much over my commission.


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