So I had my very first wine tasting party and it went GREAT! It was a launch party for a new consultant on our team, and she had a $1000 party! We had about 8-10 guests, can’t remember the exact number.

There were a couple things I learned right away that I wanted to share. If you haven’t seen my first post and video about this, start here:

First, I like to have a 10-15 minute presentation. And it took a lot more time with the wine tasting. I had some wine fun facts that I wanted to share with each wine tasting, and totally forgot about it, but time wise, I’m glad I did!

TIP #1:

So, I really wanted to incorporate these fun facts into my presentation. Here is my solution. I made 2×4 labels to put on the front of all of my guest packets. So, each person will grab a packet, and each packet has a different fun fact. With each wine tasting, I’ll have a different person say their fun fact on their folder. And the great thing is…when I’m doing a regular party and someone sees that sticker and asks, “Why do you have wine fun facts on your folders?”…I get to say…LET ME TELL YOU ALL ABOUT THAT! 🙂

~takes the pressure off of me

~gets them more involved

~they can’t LOSE it, it’s on their packet!

~I only have to print it once, since it will be a sticker on the packets

~And I’ll never forget or lose that slip of paper with all the facts.

So this is my FIX for that 🙂


TIP #2:

I also think my next party will start off with 3 wine tastings. Just get it started! It’s a wine tasting party, start it off right! Then my party is broken up like this:






product and specials

TIP #3:

We had one set of the tasting cups, write the guests names on it with sharpie markers and washed them out.

This took tooooooooooo long!

Next time, we will line the bottles up in order of tasting, light to dark. We will set cups in front of each bottle and re-pour them! It took too long, and this will make things run much smoother. You’ll go through a few more cups, but they’re not expensive and come in packs of like 200. So if you had 10 guests, 10 bottles of wine, that’s 100 cups. Not bad at all.

TIP #4:

Dump Bucket! So, most people have a very specific taste they like. And if I don’t like it, I ain’t drinkin’ it! So instead of getting up to pour it out…have a dump bucket! I need to find a clever name for this. I have a little bucket I got at the Dollar Tree that’s pink and will work great for this.  If you can think of a clever name for dump bucket, let me know. LOL!


TIP #5:

I have to find a fun way to score the wines. I would like to do a give a way for the wine everyone loved the most, but I need help with how to do that too. So this one…I’m asking for YOUR tip! Maybe we could say…write your favorite new wine from tonight on a piece of paper. And then turn it in and I’ll tally?

TIP #6:

Hostess gift. I bought a set of 12 wine glasses at Walmart for $9.99. And I’ll be giving that to my hostesses!

TIP #7:

I bought a bunch of whistles attached to lanyards at the Dollar Tree. I’m going to play this off as…who’s my rule follower here? Who’s the one who keeps everyone in line when you go out? Then I’m giving them the whistle and telling them they have free reign to keep everyone in line all night. Just something fun!

So anyways…just a few updates to my Thirty-One wine tasting party. It was a blast, I have 2 more this weekend and I’ve never been so excited to do some new things with my parties!!

Hope this helps,

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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4 thoughts

  1. Hi Melissa – This is what I made for a 31 tasting last August. The back has a cute guide to wine ratings, and then I had everyone vote for their favorite at the end of the night. As a sidenote, I filled plastic shot glasses for the wine tasting and then had everyone choose the wine they wanted to fill their glass. I had another version earlier this month and the winery donated glasses; people kept their same glass throughout and then went home with it. Hope this helps~~Tia Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2015 20:00:22 +0000 To:


  2. Thanks for all of your awesome suggestions and advice. I went onto Pinterest and searched for wine score cards! I found ones that were super simple, and used those at my party. The guests just score on a scale of 1-5 with 5 different categories. The wine with the highest score wins… I had been giving the hostesses the Perfect Bottle Thermals…


  3. Melissa where did you get your wine facts for your stickers?? Did you Just google the info??
    Also did you end up doing your party just like you mentioned in your previous video or would you share anything you’d do differently next time??
    I’ve purchased some wine glasses recently I’m going to give as the hostess gift…just trying to nail down how to do presentation/wine tasting together!!
    Thanks for your input!!


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