Someone recently asked me, how do you look so natural when you’re making videos? Here’s my answer! 

First, I don’t always get it right the first time. It’s ok to delete and start over! That’s the beauty of it. If you’re not happy with it, try it again.

But this little gadget is a simple~easy~fun life saver! It holds a piece of paper upright in front of you. I put an very simple outline in sharpie marker with bullet points to go over. And I have it right in front of me out of the camera’s view. So I can see it, but no one in the video can. Put it where you don’t have to look AWAY to see it. Right in front of you by the camera. SO. EASY. It keeps you on track and keeps your videos flowing the way they need to!


Click here to order yours for just $8, or you can just google Page-Up to find your own!

Just my 2 cents for the day on making your own youtube videos a success 🙂

And don’t forget to have all your supplies next to you. Go through your presentation and make sure you have copies or examples of anything you’re talking about. A visual is worth a thousand words. So make sure you have all those handy!

And invest in a good camera. You can get a camera anywhere (Walmart, Staples, Office Depot, online, etc.). They’re easy to use and the quality is 10 times better than your computer one. Unless you have a MAC. I don’t have one, but I’ve heard their cameras are very good. I use a GoPro, but that’s a lot more expensive. You can find a good computer camera for around $50-$75.

One more tip: Pay close attention to your back ground. Make sure it’s nice and neat. I bought a $30 desk at Walmart just for videos. And you can use a shower curtain as a back drop. Yes, a SHOWER CURTAIN. The pretty cloth ones work great. Or you can also shop around for photography back drops. They work great too! And to hold your shower curtain up, you can get those portable closet hanger thingies from Walmart. My husband put grommets into my photo back drop and we hung them from that. But make sure none of that shows in your video.

Hope this helps! Happy youtubing! 🙂

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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