Two things that help me in my business that I want to share with you.

# Amazon Prime. Use it! Free 2 day shipping for anything you need! And I do mean anything. 



~paper towels


~computer paper

~address labels

My favorite are these!

~paper clips

ANYTHING! At your door step in 2 days, free shipping. So, by the time you say, I need this…forget to write it down and go GET it….you just hop over to amazon, buy it, and it shows up in 2 days! And they even deliver on SUNDAY! It has been such a lifesaver for me. Now, it costs to be an Amazon prime member, but it’s WELL worth it. Saves ya gas money and time!

#2: Battery Pack Phone Case:

We’ve all had that moment when our phone dies and we don’t have access to a charger or outlet…and we say a dirty word, right? Don’t let that happen! I have an extra battery case on my phone. Just looks like a regular case, but it’s an extra battery. It works GREAT! I’ve had 2 types, and you can find them for any phone. Right now I have the Alpatronix:


You can find that here:

And I’ve also used Maxboost, and it works just as well. You can find that here:

Save yourself some time and frustration with these two things! In direct sales, you have to make sure you’re efficient with your time and organized in your business. These two things will definitely help you do that!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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