So, I wanted my team to be able to hear my words…just HEAR all of what I say at a home party. This is where my success is. In recruiting, booking, and sales, nothing replaces the success I have had like at a home party.

So if you’re searching for what to say, if you want to start from scratch, or just find something new to add to yours…watch this video. I use a party presentation outline and hold it during my entire presentation. Why? Because it’s easily duplicated. It’s a 15 minute presentation. Simple, easy, fun. And I dare you to try it. I went from 0 bookings in April of last year, to over $6000 in sales in October. My sales and recruits have tripled since then. And it’s all because of getting back to the home party!

Hugs, Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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5 thoughts

    1. Hi Melissa! I’d love to try this out. Can you please tell us where we can find the download of your party outline? Thanks so much for sharing!


      1. Melissa, I loved your video & would love to have your outline. I am a Director and would really like to use your material to train my girls. I am on a couple of the same Director’s pages you are on, but don’t see your file. Could you lead me in the right direction or possibly email it to me?? Thank you so much—-I get so inspired by so many of your ideas! I appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge!!


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