Now let me start, by saying I am NOT an expert in organization. I’m just letting you all know what works for me. And as you can see, my work space is a mess! This is me, this is real. I’m messy and busy, but everything has a place and everything has a function and reason for being in that place! And that’s totally not a real gun on my desk. That’s a pellet gun. My 12 year old hasn’t used it in 2 years, he brought it to me and asked me to get rid of it 🙂 Told you, I didn’t clean a thing!



My messy desk. that’s all:) I will tell you that you need to pull everything off your desk and throw it on the floor and START FRESH if you are going to re-organize. The only things that should be right next you, are the things you use daily. You should not have to GET UP for anything. Everything should be in arms length. The more you get up, the more time it takes and the more distracted you’ll get. I bought this desk at IKEA, love it! The desk actually attaches to the cubicles. 



Chocolate chip cookies. Everyone needs an emergency stash, right? My printer is right next to my computer.



On top of my cubicles, I have these shelves from hobby lobby, fairly cheap. Especially with their 50% off coupons. I have blank labels of all sorts, hostess packets, empty/extra folders, large mailing envelopes. on the right one, I have 2×4 labels and regular address labels, like my big stock pile of them.



This one has my folders and team and personal binders:



The two bottom ones, by my feet, have my happy mail stash on the left, the one on the right is all my little extra products and give a ways. Mostly things i grab from the outlet sales. things i give away on my customer pages and things like that.



This little box has mailing supplies. Stamps, some nail files and key fobs, and envelopes that I use for happy mail and hostess mailings. I also use this bin to put mail in when it’s ready to go. I just throw it all in there and then it’s all in one place to go to post office.


This is a 3 tier paper holder thingy majig. On the top I have labels for my catalogs, order forms, and extra computer paper for my printer.




I don’t know who put my badge on there. LOL This bin has all my junk office supplies. craft stuff, glue sticks, glue dots, post its, scissors, stickers, staplers, all the things i have to keep from BABIES:). And the two envelopes are receipts for the tax year. But i did just buy rectangle bins for my receipts. they do not need to be within my reach.



This is all my stickers in that pink accordian file, notebooks (i use a lot) and more paper organizer folder thingy’s.



This bin has all my booking game purses. I want them close cause I can sit at my desk and re-do the little papers in them.



This is the one closest to me. I have these folder file things my MIL gave me (Dawn Fietsam York, thank you:). I have them labeled and in alphabetical order. address labels, 2×4 labels, customer special, next month customer special, calendars for guest pack


So that’s it. Now there’s other things in my office but this is what is within arm’s reach of me and my desk! Hope that helps someone!

Melissa FIetsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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One thought

  1. Melissa- I have been following you since you were Costello and featured in VW magazine with your incredibly inspiring story. I follow NO BLOGS…until I found yours a week or two ago. I have been w/ Thirty-One since 2011 (first wave of Hiring Freeze!) and went from Director back to Senior Consultant b/c my teaching job was too much work. Now I am no longer teaching (God has His way, doesn’t He???) and am full-time pursuing my business goals and dreams. Your blog is so real and your desk system SO SPEAKS TO ME!! I am one of those messy types b.c if it is not out in front of me, I won’t remember it! But I am trying to organize my space and your post was so unbelievably timely! I keep getting the most relevant posts from you and I have had the passion lit in me by your words and example. Thank you for being perfectly imperfect and successful and humble and willing to share what makes you a Rock Star! Knowing that you were where I am and I can get to where you are now really makes me work harder at building my team to greater and stronger…THANK YOU! Your last line of the email said you hoped this desk helped someone. Well, it most certainly did—ME! Thank you for the blessings of your experience and wisdom! Hope to meet you again at Conference this year! Blessings, Linda Still


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