I was SO tired of my same old, boring catalog labels. I finally took the time to see what I could do. So I messaged Kim over at Custom Night Owl Design, and BAM! I got this gorgeous template to print my own labels from home. 


Now a mouth full of cheetos is sure to get someone’s attention, right? Even if it’s “what the heck is in that girl’s mouth??!”. I’m going for FUN~BOLD~BEAUTIFUL when it comes to my marketing materials. And Kim makes it easy. $10 got me this custom template for labels. Ummm…YEAH. Ok. The girl is seriously underpaid, especially dealing with me!

So go tell her you want some fun new catalog labels. Cause boring is just…well B O R I N G! Don’t be that guy… 😉

Head on over to her page to get yours:


Melissa FIetsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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