This is for all my Direct Sales friends!

Melanie Moore and I started a Facebook group for ALL direct sellers.

We will have monthly training webinars and podcasts and you’ll be able to get ideas from ALL direct sellers. So go check out the description of the group, you MUST read first! And go join us for some fun and learning with a BIGGER community! Let’s see if we can learn something new from others!


Here is the group description:

Welcome to DS-Synergy! So what’s this group all about?

This group is for Direct Sellers of ALL companies.

Lurker’s Beware:
this page is an interactive community. If you are just hanging around to suck ideas out of people who are sharing, you will be deleted periodically. We got “people”, so we have ways of seeing who is not participating. We want to LEARN from each other. And in order to do that you must share.

This is a place where you will find:

~Weekly focused points…and launch pad for sharing
~Monthly training webinars and podcasts
~Sharing of ideas from all direct sales companies so we can work together to improve our businesses
~A community of people who believe in EMPOWERING each other and an environment free of COMPETITION

This is NOT a place for:
~Or any NEGATIVE posts

**any of the above will be deleted and you will be locked from the page immediately, with no further consideration to rejoin. So don’t be that guy!

Welcome to a new generation of sharing and empowerment!!

And share this post!! 🙂

Click here to request to be added:

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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