I wanted to show everyone a system that has worked VERY well for me in tracking my hostesses each month. It helps to keep everything I need for my hostesses: orders, contact information, and all information pertaining to her Thirty-One party. First, check out this video where I explain how I use this to track my Thirty-One hostesses:

The best thing about this hostess coaching tracking binder, is that I can take it ANYWHERE. So when I’m going to pick up kids, or going out of town, or sitting at practice for one of the kids…I can take this with me and get a TON of work done! Working smarter not harder! It’s SO easy to take control of your hostess coaching for your Direct Sales business. Would you like my hostess tracking sheet? Cause you can have that too. We’re all in this world for a reason. My reason is to help others. So enjoy my hostess tracking sheet. I LOVE it because it allows me to track mileage, outside orders, hostess information, gifts, etc. GREAT for tax purposes too! I found this a few years ago from someone else, I wish i knew who to give credit to. But I adapted it to fit my personal hostess coaching needs with checkboxes and other things like that. So thank you to whoever posted the original file for me! HOSTESS TRACKING SHEET: Click here: https://buymybagsblog.wordpress.com/melissas-shared-documents/. It’s under Hostess Documents and it’s called Hostess Tracking Sheet I use the Arc system. This is a folder you can ONLY buy at Staples. It costs $10.49 for the started binder looking thingy-ma-jig. This is mine, and there’s a link below it to show where you can purchase it online: 4 PURCHASE THIS AT STAPLES FOR $10.49:  http://www.staples.com/M-by-Staples-Arc-Customizable-Hibiscus-Design-Notebook-System-Black-White/product_886420?cid=PS:GooglePLAs:886420&ci_src=17588969&ci_sku=886420&KPID=886420&kpid=886420&gclid=Cj0KEQjw1duqBRDPlLKsuJCUiuABEiQAxgHwJ3TXKYndWJDfe_WiXvQIhmW9Grg2aGhdpClbgjl1-KEaAsLk8P8HAQ I also use these zip pocket folders that go into the Arc. I like them because I can keep all their orders and their hostess tracking sheet nice and handy. Each hostess has their own pocket. So you can decide what your average # of hostesses a month is, and then buy a few more than that, just in case you’re having a rock star month;) This is mine below, just showing you how the pockets fit in there. The link to purchase them is below the picture: 3 PURCHASE THE ZIP POCKETS FOR $6.00 (2 PACK):  http://www.staples.com/M-by-Staples-Arc-System-Poly-Zip-Pockets-Clear-8-1-2-x-11-/product_321297 I also like having my calendars in there, so I bought the page protectors to go in them too. They come in a pack of 25, but they’ve lasted me a year, because I don’t use these for much else than the calendar. You may or may not want this in yours. Just showing you mine! I print the calendars by simply googling “free calendars” and printing them on my own. I like to be able to mark parties, important dates, etc. I really don’t know WHY…but I can only find those Arc specific page protectors in the actual store. I have not been successful in finding them online.  2   And the last picture is showing you my hostess tracking sheets folded in half, in the zip pocket.  5   Happy hostess tracking!! Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts http://www.buymybags.com #hostesscoaching #hostesstracking #hostesstracker #directsales #marykay #origamiowl #posh #tastefullysimple #pamperedchef #scentsy #velata #avon #trackhostesses #thirtyone #thirtyonegifts #31 #31bag #31bags #thirtyoneparty #thirtyoneguestpacket




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