Guest Packets for Your Thirty-One Home Parties:

Your guest packets for your home shows should be SIMPLE~EASY~FUN!

They should include:

1. Information about the opportunity to join Thirty-One

2. Information about the monthly customer specials

3. Information about booking a Thirty-One party for the current or following month

4. and somewhere on them…put something that shows YOU, your family, your 31 WHY, something to make it personal. Give them something to connect with on a personal basis.

Check out this video on my new Guest Packets for my home show, Thirty-One parties. The CONTENT is the same, but my friend Christina Rupracht had the idea of taking our guest packets and putting them into a binder. I tested them on a party last week and they LOVED them. And one thing I will be changing from this video, is on the front clear page pocket-I’m going to put a page of nothing but #’d product bundles for the current month’s special. So they can literally say…I want bundle #2, or whatever bundle they want. So check it out:

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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