There’s a few things that really razz me on Facebook. And I’m generally the most easy-going person you’ll meet. I’m actually kind of shy unless I know you. And I’m intimidated by large crowds…but that’s a whole other therapy session. But when someone does one of these “do NOT do’s” to me…the redhead hillbilly comes out. Like Hulk. It’s ugly. 


What I want to talk to you about today, is what really razzes me! WHY? Because I want you to NOT do it! So here are some Do’s and Don’ts that you should really consider while posting to Facebook:

My personal Facebook timeline: What you can NOT do:

This is a page for my family and friends. Period. I am friends with 3,000 people I do not know. Because they’re consultants, they like my ideas, and I freely share. Anything you see on my page, you don’t even have to ask. It’s yours for the taking. 

BUT…and this is a BIG BUTT…


1. Post something on my timeline that is a business question:

Why?: because my personal timeline is not for business. It is for me to make connections with my family, my customers, and my friends. I have to have a personal boundary in this world. I don’t mind you seeing my page and then privately messaging me a question, but do NOT post a question on my timeline about business.

2. Do not send me a private message and then post on my timeline “Hey, I sent you a message, you must have missed it”.

WHY?: Because I can assure you I saw it, but I didn’t have time to answer it, and I will BLOCK you. I freely answer questions from HUNDREDS of consultants. And love to, as a matter of fact! But I do have strict rules on my daily schedule, which is why I am successful.

My rules:

***If you are not on my team, you are not a friend, a family member, or a customer, your question will be answered when all of MY work is done. That could be 20 minutes, or that could be 2 weeks.

But I have to, again, have boundaries for my own personal life. My family comes first. I have 5 children who demand A LOT of time. I have 3 teenagers and a 1-year-old and a 2-year-old. I have a babysitter from 9am-1pm. That’s all I get to work. And I cannot stop what I’m doing for myself, my hostesses, my family, or my team, to answer questions from someone I don’t even know. It is not a smart business decision or even a smart personal decision. So please understand that I really do care, but I am not Superwoman. I can only do so much work in 4 hours.

3. Do not comment on a post that is on my personal timeline and say “I’m stealing this”, “where did you buy those from”, “I tried that and it didn’t work”, “can i borrow this?”, or ANY OTHER business question. 

WHY?: Because I realize YOU see me as a person to learn from, a leader in Thirty-One, and someone to get good ideas from. But you’re on my PERSONAL page. You are taking PERSONAL posts to my friends/family/customers and staining it with business. It’s like you just put Facebook PORN on my page! That’s how much it makes me cringe. LOL! This is my best mom face saying…”Don’t. You. Do. It.”


It is extremely unprofessional. Now, feel free to privately message me…but please do not comment business on my personal page.

I love to teach. I love to help. But I find that people need some training on how to appropriately LEARN too.

What you CAN do on someone’s personal Facebook timeline:

1. Post a thank you for helping you with something. 

WHY? Because that’s personal.

2. Post a congratulations on something they have accomplished.

WHY? Again, that is a personal thing, and that’s wonderful.

3. Celebrate a success you had with someone.

WHY? because that shows others the bond that we have and the friendships we make. And again, it is personal.

As Direct Sales consultants, it’s so important to learn from each other. But make sure those professional relationships don’t get ruined because you weren’t minding your Facebook manners 😉

Thanks for letting me rant and for respecting my personal boundaries. I share because I care about every single person out there. But sometimes I get burned for it. So I just wanted to throw that out there. There’s a right way, and a wrong way. Make sure you’re doing things the RIGHT way!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

#facebook #facebooketiquette #directsales

4 thoughts

  1. LOVE this, Melissa! You truly are amazingly talented by God, and others learn SO much from you every day. Don’t ever stop being you!!! 😀


  2. Hi Melissa!

    Not sure if I have done this, but if I have, I apologize. I’m on Oxycodone & Oxycontin for severe Fibromyalgia pain and I might get confused in my “Brain Fog” moments. Thanks for the healthy, well worded reminder! So happy to have you as my Director more directly with Meaghean’s resignation. You truly inspire me! I have many health challenges but I’m making this work because I want it bad!

    Debbie Keeler

    Date: Tue, 19 May 2015 21:03:18 +0000 To:


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