Today I want to talk to you about increasing sales in your direct sales business by using product bundles.

Watch this video and then see some details below!

Your company offers a special each month, right? Use that product to pair with OTHER products and show what a deal they can get during that month. Being able to use verbiage such as, “Only available in June”, gives it a sense of urgency and shows them a VISUAL of the deal. We know what an amazing deal is, but it’s hard for our customers to picture that in their head. When you put it in a PICTURE…your sales will increase! This is an example of one of my bundles.

When our customers spends $35, they get a deal on two products. We combine that deal into a PICTURE, and it’s literally worth a thousand words! You get what I’m throwin’ down over here?! đŸ™‚

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But I always like to take things just a step (or two) further, so here is what I will be doing to make sure my dreaded “J” months aren’t going to be dreadful at all!

1. I will be mailing a print out of a bundle collection to my hostesses. I am going to tell them that if they sell THREE bundles before their party closes…they will get a gift mailed to them!

It is SO easy for your hostess to show this ONE sheet to people. You know she’ll be showing your information and it’s actually an “upsell” of sorts when you show them these bundle pictures to choose from. Someone who may have just ordered a thermal tote to help their friend out, will be like….”ok, just give me that one”, as she points to a pre-made bundle!

2. These will be going into my guest packets at my parties. I did this over the holiday season last year and it was amazing how many people just ordered from the bundles. They would even order more than ONE! They just LOVE the visual aspect of them. And when you have a customer at a party, who is solely there to support her friend, it’s so important that their sale is EASY. Because a CONFUSED customer will just say NO. Someone who was just going to buy an $18 thermal tote is now buying a $45 bundle because YOU made it EASY!

This is the cover of my guest packet binders for my home parties. If you don’t have binders, just put in the front pocket of your folders and make sure they see them. You could even laminate these and make a big deal of them and pass them out. Just make sure you HIGHLIGHT them somewhere during your presentation! I just put all the pictures into a Word document and fit 12 on there so I could print on one sheet. And I use to create those bundle pictures.


It’s also important to make sure your bundle pictures are not cluttered. Make them crisp, clear images. With as little as possible to show them the deal. If it’s too much information and pictures and doodles and blah blah blah…their brains will fizzle out and they won’t pay attention. DEALS. That’s what you want them to see!

So there you have it! Use your company’s monthly customer specials to increase your own sales by using product bundles.

Happy Bundle Selling ladies!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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