One of the biggest questions I get from potential new consultants, or consultants who are having trouble booking parties, is:

1. There’s too many consultants in my area

2. I don’t have many friends, how would I get bookings

The word SATURATION is misunderstood in so many different ways. There is NO such thing as saturation in Thirty-One!

Watch this video to hear my thoughts on the great saturation debate:

Direct sales is still all about ONE thing-relationships. We are in the midst of a new generation of social media and business. And while social media is an amazing addition to my business, it will never replace the value of relationships that I create in my business.

I consistently work on creating meaningful relationships every single day. And part of that has nothing to do with my business. Let me explain…

Each month, I create some kind of community service project, maybe even a couple. Like this week. I announced I was looking for anyone who wanted to clean out their closet and donate old clothes, shoes, coats, back packs, etc. I am taking my kids along with me, and Thursday morning, we have a list of about 15 people who are leaving bags on their porch for us. We are taking those items to a local non profit organization that donates to our needy families in the area. I posted on our city’s Facebook page that I was looking for donations of bags of clothes (after I asked permission from the administrators). So I just made connections with people I don’t know in my own community who are donating. And I’m making a name for myself in my own community by consistently doing things to give back. That gets my name out there, let’s me meet new people, and get in new circles of potential customers. So I get to do something great AND work my business at the same time. Even though I am not promoting my business at ALL while doing these things. It’s SMART marketing.

**When I donate, I’m hash tagging all over social media my city and the place I donate to.

I also recommend trying something new. Take a Zumba class. Take a sewing class. Go to a new restaurant. You must always be “changing seats” and meeting new people. When you really focus on this…you meet new people. You build relationships. And then you incorporate your business into those new relationships in a NATURAL way. When you build a relationship FIRST, you have a solid foundation of trust.

There is no saturation. People book parties with people they trust; with people they have a relationship with. So what can YOU do to build some new relationships in your own business? You HAVE to think outside of the box!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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One thought

  1. Soooo timely Melissa. I was commenting on this subject on Facebook just yesterday. It is so true!! We have to work our lives and businesses to grow our circles. Thirty One is NOT an online store. When we get out and MEET people, both our lives and our businesses are enriched!
    Thanks for sharing!!


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