What do you do with all your extra catalogs when a catalog is ending?

This is a question I get a lot regarding Thirty-One or Direct Sales in general. And I always try to come up with something creative. I’m sitting on about 75 Spring catalogs and 200 mini catalogs. So you ready for a crazy idea?


I printed fliers for our local food shelter, New Life Mission. I put them in all the catalogs (I printed 4 to a page and cut them). I am paying my 12 year old son and we’re going to a few neighborhoods.

This is what we’re going to do!

We’re going to knock on each door, let them know we’re collecting canned goods or non-perishable items for New Life Mission. If they want to donate, they can just leave some items on the porch and we will be back around in one hour to collect them. We will say, if you would like some more information about myself or New Life Mission, you can check this out…and hand them a Thirty-One catalog with all my information in it and the New Life Mission information inside of that.

It’s crazy, right? But I get to do something GOOD. I’m involving my kids…although it’s costing me…LOL! I get to see people face to face. I get my information into LOTS of new people’s hands. AND…I get rid of all my catalogs! If no one answers, I will probably just leave a catalog on the porch.

AND…I get to rack up the steps on my Fitbit!! 🙂 Bonus score for the home team!

As I said in one of my latest videos, I may be crazy, but crazy can sell some daggone purses!! Here’s to trying something new!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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4 thoughts

  1. i cut out the 31 logo or item pictures or slogans I wrap and tape each around a Hershey bar, along with my business card and give them out in the “reward” part of my presentation


  2. Melissa, I know that you probably won’t see this, but I am at conference in Denver and saw you on stage yesterday. It would make my weekend to be able to meet you in person. As a new consultant you have impacted me and my business in a positive way.

    Shari McGinnis 916-825-6005 Your Thirty-one sister from Sacramento, CA

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