You guys ready to find out how I booked TEN parties and got four new AMAZING potential recruits last night? All in 30 minutes on FACEBOOK?!

I tried something new. I took a chance, dove head first and it paid off big time!

What do you say? You up for a challenge? Cause you know I made the entire script to share with all of YOU. You’ll find the link for the script below!


So here’s the deal. I created a Facebook event and invited all of my past hostesses.

The night before the event i sent messages to anyone who had not joined the event, to let them know they would be getting to see all the new fall product.

I basically had this outline:
1. Fall Fashion show to high light some of the new product.
2. booking blitz
3. then I handed them the link to the new fall catalog.

I booked TEN parties and got four potential recruits! They had so much fun being the first to see the new products. It went over better than i ever expected!! I have honestly NEVER had that much interaction on a FB event!

So this is what I want you to do.
1. create the event NOW. 30 minute event
2. invite all your hostesses and let them know they’re going to get to see the new fall catalog FIRST
3. Then download the Facebook script below
4. Then EDIT that document with your own business information instead of mine.
5. Download all the PHOTOS for this script (you can right click on the images in the document and save them to your desktop)
6. and you’re ready to ROCK!!!

**This is time sensitive! You want to do this like Monday night!! Or Sunday night! I did mine at 9pm Eastern.
**you can give away prizes randomly too if you want.
**keep it SIMPLE. EASY. QUICK. don’t add a bunch of stuff and go over the time.
**I posted every TWO MINUTES a new post in my event
**I used to schedule all those posts and it went seamlessly!!

Happy Friday! Time to get to WORK ladies!!


Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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4 thoughts

  1. Did the VIP party tonight for a pretty small crowd, but two home parties and one potential recruit! BOOM! Thank you!!!!!


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