Happy Mail is one of my FAVORITE parts of celebrating my hostesses. So I just wanted to give everyone an example of some of the things I do.

Here is mine for this month and next month:

1 2

Watch this quick video for an explanation:


When I have a hostess, I send happy mail for two months AFTER their party month.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Everything I get, I get from the Dollar Tree. Super easy, super fun!

I make fun labels through picmonkey.com.

And then I print those labels from avery.com.

All items I ship are mailed “as-is”. I never package anything. It’s fun get something FUN in the mail!

Most items cost around $2 to ship.

The hostesses address label gets put right on the outside of whatever I’m mailing.

WHY do I do this?

Because I am giving 200% customer service.

I am showing MY hostesses that I appreciate them well after their party is over.

Because they LOVE IT.

Because they brag to their friends about it.

Because they post pictures of their happy mail on Facebook and Instagram! And guess who that helps? It lets everyone know THEY know an awesome and highly recommended Thirty-One consultant.

Because if they host a party with another company and consultant, they will be like WOW…Melissa was WAY better!

Because it keeps them coming back for MORE;)


And if you’re interested in joining that Facebook page I told you about in the video called DS-Synergy…here’s the link!!



Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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