Do what?! You can totally print invitations for your hostesses right from your phone. Like, I’m sitting at home…I log into my Walgreens app, I order 4×6 PICTURES of my invitations and can drive my happy lil butt to Walgreens ON THE WAY to my hostesses house to drop off her packet!

You can do this with your Redstamp invitations too!


Ok, so here goes! We’re doing a BINGO night once a month. And I have these fun little invitations that I made for my hosts. She needs at least 5 of them to pass out to her friends. But printing the paper ones was simply B_O_R_I_N_G. And it wasn’t really “pretty” or professional looking at all.

I had Night Owl Custom Design create this invitation for me. Because I like cute things. So this is something I will use every month in my own business, worth the very small fee to have someone create it for me, right? You can check out her page for any fliers or business things you need. But below, I’ll show you how I take this invitation and print as photos from Walgreens in a matter of 10 minutes!



So all I do each month, is go in and change this information on date/time/location for the specific month. Then I pull up this app on my phone:


Now your app will look like this and you’ll click on “photo” and then “print from phone”


Now you can order photos for 29 cents a piece and pick them up in, normally, 10 minutes! So I can literally order them on the way to my hostesses house and drop them in her packet on the way there.

I had seen this idea posted in a Facebook group a long time ago, but I hadn’t tried it and I can’t remember WHO posted the idea to give them credit! I got into a pinch and decided to go for it. And I was THRILLED with the results. No more wasting ink and no more ghetto designs for me! I finally caved and had Kim design this invitation for me and had them printed. LOVE and just thought I’d share!!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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