Coloring Sheets. Cheap. Fun. and EASY! Are you using them in your direct sales business?

coloring sheet


Coloring sheets are great for soooooooooo many things!

  • You can leave them at any offices where there might be children waiting
  • If you do vendor events, attract the kids to your booth! You entertain those kids, and mom will be forever grateful and probably sit at your booth a bit longer while the kids are ransacking your papers and crayons (thank you Melanie Moore for that fabulous tip).
  • Keep them in your purse with the crayon boxes. If you’re in a store or restaurant and see a mom with some really rowdy kids…hand her some. I’d be willing to bet that women will thank you and be willing to take a look at your catalog you hand her too:)
  • Halloween, or any holiday…run a contest on Facebook or your customer group for them to print, have their kids color, and upload the picture back to Facebook and tag you. FUN, RIGHT?
  • Pick out a school, or maybe just a class, and see if they would like to participate in a coloring contest. It’s all about building those relationships, right?
  • Here’s one for you…take them in your party kit. Got some rowdy kids at your party? Give them some crayons and a sheet to color:)

I found the coolest crayons. They come in 6 packs and you buy a big box (48 boxes) for super cheap at for $9! Check it out by clicking on the picture below. And you can also fit your business label on those boxes:


I would love to hear what else you can think of to do with coloring sheets all year long?

Think. Outside. Of. The. BOX!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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3 thoughts

  1. Love the idea, Melissa! This will be perfect for my upcoming vendor events!! Did you design this coloring sheet yourself or are there printable of them that I am unaware of?


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