Follow up is KEY! I’m willing to bet 90% of the field misses the mark when it comes to following up with their customers. Don’t. Be. That. Guy!

Check out this quick video and see how easy it is to have all your follow ups in one spot (and you’ll find the form to download below):

I’m a big believer in 3 contacts a day. 3 contacts a day to keep your business running strong. Whether you’re texting someone who had mentioned wanting to do a show, or you’re following up with a  potential recruit…follow up is key.

What can you use this for:

  1. potential recruits
  2. potential hostesses
  3. potential customers (maybe they commented on something they wanted)
  4. anytime you MAIL something, you need to follow up!
  5. someone said…maybe I can book a party in 3 months (WRITE IT DOWN!)
  6. you saw on FB that a customer was having surgery and wanted to send a card

*****AND SO MUCH MORE! Literally, anything you need to NOT forget and NOT misplace on a scratch piece of paper.

In the last 2 days, I have a potential recruit enrolling tonight and a huge fundraiser booked for October. All because I consistently followed up!

My recruit, she had placed a couple of large orders and I naturally told her she should enroll and place them as her own because this was the 2nd month in a row she was placing an order over $200. She said, no no. Then she messaged “ok, tell me more”. She said she was signing up the first of September. I messaged her, she hadn’t yet. So then I messaged her again this morning. And she said, got busy…call me tonight at 8:30! BAM! I’m adding another fabulous team member with GREAT potential!

My fundraiser…this was a guest at a home party from July. She wanted to do a huge fundraiser in September. Didn’t get much of a response sccheduling a date. So every few weeks I would send another message. Finally sent another message yesterday and she’s booked solid for October! Leadership Incentive Trip here I come:)

I’m only telling you these things because I want you to know that consistency on your part will be the key to your success in this business. People get busy. WE think about 31 all day long. They do not. When I send these follow up messages, they are QUICK~SHORT~and to the POINT! I do not want to intimidate, seem irritated, or seem pushy in any way. A Simple, hey Christina! Simply checking in to see if you wanted to grab a date in October for your fundraiser? Or, “hey Peggy! Checking in to see if you were still interested in enrolling. I’d love to help you get enrolled and get that party entered!”

Whatever you do, make sure you are following up. And if you don’t have anything to follow up on…go read the rest of my blog! You should be mailing some packets or mini catalogs out weekly. That way you HAVE 3 contacts a day to follow up with! Google Melissa Fietsam and 3 contacts a day and there’s a whole post on that!



Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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