Hostess packets for your Thirty-One business. Keep it SIMPLE! Check out this scope I did on my Hostess packets:

You really need to transition your hostess packet to be extremely simple. Take out all the fluff and noise, and let her see exactly what she needs to see.

I did some fluffed up packets for about 4 months. I spent so much time on these packets. And man were they pretty. They had all the bells and whistles and stickers and novel length fliers and yada yada. But I noticed after awhile that supplies were coming back unused, the packets weren’t even being used, they weren’t buying into the “incentives” I added…and it simply wasn’t worth my time and effort.

So I went back to the basics:

  1. catalogs
  2. how to order guide
  3. opportunity brochure
  4. 40 guests in 40 minutes
  5. order forms
  6. enter my drawing slips
  7. booking incentive cards

That’s it! And it’s been working like a charm. Bringing back the personal touch and check-ins every week. Mondays, I contact each hostess and let them know how much in orders they have online and ask if they need anything from me (catalogs, order forms, etc.).

I also created a hostess checklist. I sat down and wrote out almost every single step of my hostess coaching. And each Monday I go through each hostess and check this list and do some of the steps below. I highly encourage you to take the time to think about all the steps you want to accomplish (big and small) with every hostess. And get them into a checklist format.

HOME Party Checklist

  • Setup in Trello/google/calendar
  • Mailed hostess packet
  • Setup in back office
  • Setup facebook event
  • Send facebook msg with dates and banner
  • Setup cinchshare posts
  • Msg hostess about graphic to post on her timeline
  • Post graphic on hostess timeline
  • FB prize #1 (pick from those that joined)
  • Added hostess to facebook event
  • Msg hostess about invitation form. (Include due date)
  • Check that hostess added friends to the event
  • Check invitation form and mail invites to responders
  • Day 5 manually post add a friend win a prize graphic
  • FB prize #2 (pick from birthday survey respondents)
  • Checkpoint “How’s it going” (every Mon)
  • Day 6 manually post birthday survey
  • FB prize #3 (add a friend)
  • Happy mail sent
  • Msg hostess with benefits graphic and let her know what she earned
  • Close all orders
  • Thank you cards to customers
  • Thank you for hosting note

I am giving you links to my booking gift certificates, my 40 guests in 40 minutes, and enter my drawing slips forms below:

40 Guest in 40 minutes:

Booking gift certificates:

Enter my drawing slips:

Happy Hostess Coaching!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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