My friend Missy Nelson shares a love of social media with me. We bat around ideas on social media stuff all the time. So she did this awesome text to send to your customers. So I had one done for me that basically copied what she had. Then we created a team challenge…and then I got to thinking….


Next we made a team challenge out of it, and this is what I posted to them below. I encourage you to get into the habit of doing this ONCE A WEEK. Set 20 minutes aside each week, same time and day each week, and send these thank you texts to all your customers.

Here’s what I posted for my team:

Now here is your challenge…make your own! Or…go to Night Owl Custom Design on Facebook and tell her you need one. She wouldn’t charge more than $8 to make a GREAT one for you!.

Now I want you to send a thank you text to EACH guest from the last week and add two things below it.
**Save it on the “notes” app on your phone. And whenever you’re bored, you can copy/paste and make some connections by texting some thank you’s while you’re out and about!

Hi there! Fill out this 2 second survey and you’ll be the 1st to see all the new specials each month AND be invited to the outlet sales each time!

And if you’d like to join my customer Facebook page, simply follow this link and you’ll have VIP access to ALL the Thirty-One news, hot of the press each month: ((INSERT LINK TO FB CUSTOMER PAGE))

Then I was talking to Kim, from Night Owl Custom Design, and she asked if these were sticky notes. I said, no, it’s a text image. But DUH! Why not put these in your customer bags? Make them sticky notes (from vistaprint) and stick them on your customers bags when you deliver them too.

~Not everyone leaves a phone # for you to text, right?

~And what a great way to let them see your face and make a connection.

~And if there is something wrong with their order, they have your contact information right there!


If you’d like to order the image from Kim, super affordable, you can click on the link here:!/STICKY-NOTES-PURSE-ONALLY-Thank-You/p/54943097

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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