So one of the first things a new consultant wants to do is make BUSINESS CARDS. It makes it official. It’s exciting to see it in writing, right?

Well, I think everyone should throw your business cards away. But that’s another post;) So here’s what I’m doing for my new consultants from this point on…

I’m creating their own custom graphic for their catalog labels! It’ll cost me $8 per new consultant. But what a FANTASTIC way to celebrate them! Check this out! Night Owl Custom Design has set up a coupon code and graphic for me. So I can give this to my new consultant, she’ll order it, and then Kim will invoice me for the bill! And BAM! My new consultant has an awesome graphic to print her catalog labels and start sharing her business in style:) You can find the links below!

The recruiting conversation:

Now how great is this for your recruiting conversation?

“and when you join my team, you’re going to get a custom graphic designed for you. You’re going to be sharing in style right off the bat! Simply something I like to do for my new consultants to help you celebrate your new business”.



So here is the link to order your own labels and set that up for YOUR new consultants! Recruiting and systems for new consultants is my #1 priority this year…and I’m LOVING this new piece;)!/Labels-Catalogs-Large-size-2×4-chevron-accent-with-icons/p/55581383

You’ll also want to send your new consultants to to get CHEAP 2×4 labels! Tell them to go to and search for 2×4 labels on that site. You can find 1,000 for like $8! Now she slaps those on the back of her mini catalogs and she’s ready to ROCK!

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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