My dear friend Sabrina Hayes came up with this brilliant idea for your hostesses. She shared on youtube. And if you haven’t seen it, you need to!

First, watch Sabrina Hayes explain how to increase your sales with this concept for your hostess coaching:

So I had to get my butt in gear on implementing this. Watch this quick video to see how I’m presenting this to my hostesses. BUT…make sure you watch Sabrina’s video first!

So here is the form I created to send to my hostesses Ride or Die Crew. Below, you’ll find contents of the packet and how I explain this to my hostess! As well as the link to this form you can download, of course!

Thirty-One VIP-page-0

So what do you mail the Ride or Die Crew?

  1. The VIP Form above
  2. Catalog
  3. 2 outside order forms
  4. Customer Special flyer
  5. And of course an opportunity brochure

**You’re essentially mailing a mini hostess packet

And why would you want to mail these packets?

  1. It helps your hostess to increase her sales by getting her friends collecting orders too.
  2. It can increase bookings
  3. It can increase party attendance by her bringing friends
  4. And it’s certainly going to get your information into more people’s hands by having more than one person showing off your catalog:)

So how do you explain this whole thing to your hostess? So easy!

I created this post and saved it to my “notes” app on my phone. So I can literally copy & paste with every hostess.

Ok, so here is something I do to increase your sales! I need you to pick your “Ride or Die Crew”.
What’s a Ride or Die Crew?
Well, if you were going to jail, or maybe you had to hide the body…your “Ride or Die Crew” would either:
A) Be in the backseat of the cop car with you
B) Find somewhere to help you hide the body
This could be your mom, sister, best friend, whoever you think would help you collect some orders. I’m going to mail them a catalog and order forms with an incentive to collect a few orders for you! This will help to increase YOUR party sales!
These are the people you can count on to carry you through life. The ones that laugh AT you..not WITH you! These are the people who make life fun!
All you’ll need to do is tell me your TOP 5 Ride or Die Crew and they’re going to get a special package from me with incentives for them to earn some free gifts too!

I’ll simply need each one’s:

A) first and last name

B) address

C) email

And here is your Ride or Die, VIP Hostess Coaching Form you’ll mail to her “crew”:

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts

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