WHY would you want to host a Thirty-One party in November? Oh….let’s count the ways!!

#1 reason to host a Thirty-One Party in November 2015:

You get this entire hostess bundle with FREE embroidery on all 3 items for $35 when you collect just $200 in orders!! You can knock out THREE Christmas just by collecting a few orders from your friends and family!!


#2 Reason to host a Thirty-One party in November 2015:

Have you seen the new Thirty-One fall catalog? It’s AMAZING!! There’s so many things to fall in love with this holiday season!

Take a peek at the Thirty-one Fall Catalog 2015: http://issuu.com/buymybags/docs/fall_catalog


#3 Reason to host a Thirty-One party in November 2015:

We have a new HOLIDAY shopping list with some really great items your friends and family are going to LOVE! Giving a personalized gift is the best way to show your loved ones you were thinking of something special for them this holiday season. And we have just what you’re looking for!


#4 Reason to host a Thirty-One party in November 2015:

Whether your friends are buying for a few, or buying for the masses…we have gifts to suit everyone. One of my favorite EASY Christmas gifts this year has to do with GIFT CARDS! How many of YOUR friends give gift cards for the holidays?

We have this awesome item called Letters from London. And it is the perfect gift to put a GIFT CARD in! So they have something to keep all year long. I carry this with me everywhere! So whether they’re buying gifts or gift cards, you can earn YOUR Christmas gifts for FREE while helping your friends and family purchase their gifts with Thirty-One in an easy and fun way!


#5 Reason to host a Thirty-One party in November 2015:

All you have to do is collect $200 in orders and you’re going to get to choose between 1-3 THREE hostess exclusives! And this one is only going to cost you $35 as a hostess. I have fallen madly in love with this Take Two Tote. It has a MILLION pockets and it includes a huge THERMAL pocket. I love it so much I’m ordering another one! I use this one for my mobile office. But I want to use the other one for the boys diaper bag!


#6 Reason to host a Thirty-One party in November 2015:


  1. Because you can avoid an elbow to the gut over an item in the store
  2. Because you get to sleep in
  3. Because you want to make sure your Black Friday injuries aren’t going to affect your “clicking” finger for Cyber Monday;)
  4. Because buying a $300 tent to wait in line 24 hours at Best Buy…to buy a TV that’s $50 off…does not add up!
  5. Because it’s more fun to stay home and watch the news stories on Black Friday;)
  6. Because you can shop from your seat, not your FEET!
  7. Because you know you’ll need coffee…along with a million other ladies in a line 3 miles long…at 3am…
  8. Everyone loves a good deal. But let’s face it…as a Thirty-One hostess…you get it FREE and HALF PRICE. There’s no better deal out there!

#7 Reason to book a Thirty-One party in November 2015:

One of my FAVORITE bags in the catalog, the Soft Utility Tote, is on sale as the customer special!! Check this out!

#8 Reason to book a Thirty-One party in November 2015:

Because there’s SO many ways to party!

  1. Host a Facebook party!
  2. Host a catalog party or party to go!
  3. Host a Home Show!
  4. Host a Fundraiser!
  5. Host at your favorite Restaurant during Happy Hour for a girls night out!
  6. Host a holiday BINGO night!
  7. Host a Thirty-One Cookie Exchange!

There’s so many to have fun with Thirty-One while earning FREE and HALF PRICE items:)

#9 Reason to book a Thirty-One party in November 2015:

Because everyone needs this purse. Meet the Fashion Games in Cognac. And as a hostess…you can get this either FREE or HALF PRICE. And either is a steal! This bag is truly AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL and YOU need it! Why not get it for FREE or HALF PRICE? That’s a Merry Early Christmas to YOU;)


#10 Reason to book a Thirty-One party in November 2015:

Because Santa said so!


Santa needs a break. It’s a WIN/WIN to get items FREE and half price while checking things off your Christmas shopping list. It’s SO easy! By collecting just $200 in orders…you’re guaranteed this hostess bundle below for just $35 (all embroidery FREE on that!), $25 in FREE product, ANY item in the catalog half price, AND a hostess exclusive item! With just $200 in orders collected by YOU! That’s like…3 friends ordering something and you making BANK because they bought from you! And if you collect more…which i have no doubt you will…you’ll EARN MORE! let’s give it a try!


So many reasons to party with Thirty-One in November! What are you waiting for???

Melissa Fietsam, Ind. Senior Executive Director at Thirty-One Gifts


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